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A stent is a tube that is used as support, temporarily placed inside a blood vessel, duct or canal. A stent holds tissue in place and keeps it open or relieves blockage. The word stent comes from the late nineteenth century English dentist, Charles Stent, who invented the plastic material that stents were originally fashioned from. Charles Stent used this material for dental impressions. The use of the word stent to mean tubular support dates from the 1960s.

A stint is a period of time, a fixed amount of work. Stint may also be used as a verb meaning to be frugal or miserly. Stint comes into use around 1200 with the meaning to be sparing or frugal,  from the Old English word styntan meaning to blunt, to make dull.


When tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) treatment to dissolve the clot that had caused the stroke failed, doctors took a different approach: removing the clot with the help of a special stent called a “stent retriever” or “stentriever.” (Newsweek)

The reason that the stent is confined to a tube, and the reason hopes for the device are running high is because the Eluvia is coated with a generic drug called paclitaxel embedded in a specialized polymer that allows the chemical to be slowly released for up to a year. (The Star Tribune)

In the last five years, the coronary stent market in India has been growing at an impressive rate due to rise in coronary angioplasties which have resulted from a surge in cardiovascular diseases. (The Financial Express)

And Oliveira, whose one Swansea goal came in the win at Newcastle in April, believes his stint in Wales will serve him well as he looks to make an impression at the City Ground. (The South Wales Evening Post)

Anthony Ogogo reckons his footwork will be first class when he returns to the boxing ring from the ballroom following his stint on Strictly Come Dancing. (The Mirror)

He might begin a minor-league rehab stint during the next week, and depending how that goes, Freeman might rejoin the Braves soon thereafter. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution)

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