See vs sea

See means 1.) to perceive with the eyes 2.) to perceive an idea 3.) to witness something 4.) to perceive something in a certain fashion 5.) to profess understanding 6.) to date someone 7.) to escort someone to a specific place. Related words are sees, saw, seen, seeing. The word see is derived from the Old English word  seon which means to look, to see, to perceive, to observe. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, see is one of the top one thousand most frequently used words in the English language.

Sea refers to the oceans that cover the earth, the mass of salt water that surrounds the land masses. Geographically, the term sea refers to smaller salt water areas where the land meets the ocean, seas are usually partly surround by land. The word sea is also used metaphorically to describe a vast expanse. Sea comes from the Old English word , meaning a sea, pool or lake.


“If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I’m not gonna take a picture I’m done taking pictures,” he writes, in what appears to be a screenshot of an iPhone note. (Vanity Fair Magazine)

Donald Trump says there is “nothing to learn” from his tax returns, and so, therefore, the American people will not be allowed to see them. (New York Magazine)

BBC stars earning more than £450,000 a year could see their pay published as part of a government overhaul. (The Daily Mail)

I do not to this day know why that is all I set my broken heart on, especially since I am more than a bit terrified of the sea and the creatures that swish there tails in it. (The Huffington Post)

Rising sharply from the water, its sheer cliffs and distant jagged peaks cut a stunning sight amid the Black Sea’s otherwise unrelenting grayness. (The Smithsonian Magazine)

In 1975, Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow was diving off the Banda Islands in Indonesia, when he collected a leopard sea cucumber—a cylindrical relative of starfish and sea urchins. (National Geographic Magazine)

The challenge was not only to build a Jewish state from the ashes of the Holocaust, but to establish this state as a democracy in a sea of intolerance, and to maintain security as a young state surrounded by neighbors who were trying to destroy it. (The Jerusalem Post)