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A sail is a large piece of fabric, canvas or nylon, hoisted from a mast on a ship to catch the wind and thereby move the ship across the water. A sail is also the voyage on that ship. A sail may refer to something sail-shaped meant to catch wind, such as a part of a windmill. When used as a verb, sail may mean to travel in or navigate a sailing ship, to pass through a process easily, to move smoothly and rapidly, to succeed. Related words are sails, sailed, sailing. Sail comes from the Old English word segl, meaning sail, veil, curtain.

A sale is the exchange of a product for money, it may also refer to the item that is sold. Sale may also mean a period of time during which goods will be offered to the public at reduced cost. The word sale comes from Old English sala, meaning a sale, the act of selling. Sale is first used as a way of describing a period of time during which goods will be offered to the public at reduced cost in 1866.


“I have certainly said, and will continue to demonstrate, that for our part, the US will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law permits — South China Sea to the Arctic — that’s not going to change,” Carter said. (The Indian Express)

Australian defense planners are looking at the possibility of a naval sail-through close to China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea, in case the government decides to follow its close ally the U.S. in testing Beijing’s territorial claims. (The Wall Street Journal)

Amendments Sail to Easy Passage (The Texas Tribune)

Just before the sale, Christie’s announced that a third party had stepped forward to share the risk — as well as any proceeds above the guaranteed price. (The New York Times)

More good news for “Sex and the City” fans, shoe divas and bargain hunters: There’s a Manolo Blahnik sample sale on Saturday, Nov. 14, at UConn’s West Hartford campus. (The Hartford Courant)

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