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Rest means 1.) to take a break from working 2.) to relax in order to refuel one’s strength 3.) to lie in repose after death 4.) to stop discussion or investigation of a problem or topic 5.) to end arguments in a judicial case 6.) a musical notation that means a pause 7.) the remaining part of something 8.) to be left in a specific condition. Rest may be used as a noun or a transitive or intransitive verb, related words are rests, rested, resting. Rest is one of the top one thousand most frequently used words in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Wrest means to forcefully take something from another person’s grasp. Wrest may be used literally to describe taking an object out of someone’s hands, or figuratively to mean forcefully taking away someone’s power or authority. Wrest is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. Related words are wrests, wrested, wresting.


With his rest assured and the rotation turned over to allow All-Stars Arrieta and Jon Lester some extra days off, Arrieta said he’s more than ready — and realistic. (The Chicago Tribune)

Network Rail say a ‘significantly reduced service’ will continue to run to and from London Bridge for the rest of the day and evening as engineers continue to fix the hole at Forest Hill in south London. (The West Sussex County Times)

The defense rested Tuesday in the trial against Lt. Brian Rice, the highest-ranking officer charged in the Freddie Gray case, after testimony from a former medical examiner who called the young man’s fatal injury in police custody an accident. (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Browning, 70, a beloved volunteer veterans service officer from Harker Heights, was laid to rest Tuesday with full military honors at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen. (The Killeen Daily Herald)

Milan’s new mayor Giuseppe Sala will fly into London on Wednesday, stepping up a battle between European cities competing to wrest two prestigious European Union agencies from London in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the bloc. (Reuters)

Gordon wrested a gun from a deputy while being transported between court and jail and fatally shot Kienzle and Zangaro before he was killed, Bailey said. (The New Zealand Herald)

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