Raise vs. Raze

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Raise, when used as a verb, means 1.) to lift to a higher point 2.) to set in a vertical position 3.) to build a structure 4.) to increase 5.) to promote 6.) to bring to the surface 7.) to provoke, to suggest for consideration 8.) to rear children or grow crops or animals 9.) to make bread dough lighter with the addition of yeast 10.) in poker, to increase the amount bet 11.) in curling, to push a stone to the tee by way of another stone. Related verbs are raises, raised and raising. Used as a noun, a raise refers to an increased amount of a poker bet, or in the United States, increased pay at a job. The related adjective is raisable, the related noun is raiser.

Raze is a verb that means to level a building or complex of buildings, to erase. Related forms are razes, razed and razing. Rase is a secondary, accepted spelling but rarely used. Related forms are rases, rased and rasing.


Naturals, a chain of salons, is making plans to raise around Rs 120 crore from private equity before March next year. (The Business Standard)

Russia is looking for ways to raise revenue to fill a hole in the federal budget caused by the slump in global oil prices. (Reuters)

Raised in Australia, he’s among a wave of Kiwis held on Christmas Island as visas revoked (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Clint Lund and Shane Fitzroy slept in cardboard boxes on Friday night to help raise awareness about New Plymouth’s hidden problem – homelessness. (The Taranaka Times)

Delaware to raze houses to realign intersection near school (The Columbus Dispatch)

Rohrer’s denial of the restraining order means the raze order approved by the City Council on June 22, giving the company 100 days to begin demolition or face having the city raze the property, will stand. (The Herald Times Reporter)

Downfall of the House of York: Bulldozers raze Andrew and Fergie’s derelict mansion (The Daily Mail)