Groan vs grown

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A groan is a cry of distress, pain, complaint or disapproval. A groan may also be a low creaking sound made by something under pressure. Groan may be used as a verb to mean crying in distress, pain, complaint or disapproval. Related words are groans, groaned, groaning and the noun groaner. Groan comes from the Old English word granian which means to make a low sound expressing grief or pain,  to murmur, to lament.

Grown is the past participle of the verb grow, which means to spring up, to develop into maturity, to cultivate. Grown may also be used as an adjective. Grown derives from the Old English word growan, meaning to grow. Related words are grew, growing and the noun grower.


Mets fans groan after last in Series of meltdowns ends amazin’ year on sad note (The Daily News)

Commuters groan amid fuel scarcity in Aba (The Nation)

He ended the groan-worthy set with one final observation: that he could buy all of the burgers at In-N-Out. (The Huffington Post)

One zombie responded to my heavy foot with a groan that sounded distressingly real. (The Washington Post)

Stone Ridge Christian football has grown up quickly under coach DeJager (The Modesto Bee)

They’re spoofs squarely aimed at grown-ups rather than children, with titles such as The Ladybird Book Of Dating, The Book Of The Hangover, and the How It Works guide to The Husband and The Wife. (The Daily Mail)

“You need someone who’s gonna be there for you, someone who’s gonna stand up for you, someone who still doesn’t believe in ATMs or emojis. You need a grown man.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Now researchers have grown human vocal cords in the laboratory that appear capable of producing sound — in hopes of one day helping people with voice-robbing diseases or injuries. (The San Angelo Standard Times)