Patience vs patients

Patience is the capacity to remain calm in the face of a difficult situation or difficult people. Patience describes the ability to tolerate circumstances that would cause other people to lose their tempers. Patience is a noun, derived from the Old French word pacience and is related to the adjective patient. Patience is also an old-fashioned name for females.

Patients is the plural form of patient, an ill or injured person receiving medical care. Patient comes from the Old French word pacient. When pluralized as patients the pronunciation is the same as patience, though the meanings of the two words are quite different.


“In addition to his brilliant design sense, his prints often display his immense patience with carving repeating patterns, his inventiveness in juxtaposing contrasting patterns and his delightful wit when portraying animals and birds,” said Greenbaum. (The New Zealand Herald)

This “prayer” is a reminder that many of us forget patience and instead get irritated very quickly over minor things like a traffic jam, slowed computer response, noisy neighbors and such things. (The Huffington Post)

As Food and Patience Run Short, Greece Transferring Refugees From Athens (Haaretz)

Sometimes, before I interview new patients, while I’m waiting for them to be transported from the emergency department to the medical floor, I play a game. (The New York Times)

A young British woman has become one of the first cancer patients to be injected with a new vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system so that it destroys tumours wherever they have spread in the body. (The Independent)

The study examined patients diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) who doctors projected had only five months to live, and found that more than 90 percent of patients showed signs of recovery after receiving treatment. (The Daily Sabah)

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