Mode vs mowed

Mode and mowed are two words that are pronounced in the same manner but are spelled differently and have different meanings, which makes them homophones. We will examine the definitions of mode and mowed, where they came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

A mode is the manner in which something is experienced, the method by which something occurs, the way someone expresses or does something. Mode may also refer to an option in the way a particular device may operate. Mode is sometimes used to mean the current style or fashion in the arts, literature, clothing, music, etc. The plural form is modes. The word mode is derived from the Latin word modus which means quantity or measure.

Mowed is the past tense of the verb mow, which means to cut grass or cereal crops with a scythe or a mechanical device. Mowed is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. Related words are mow, mows, mowing. The word mowed is derived from the Old English word mawan which means to mow, probably of Germanic origin.


Irrespective of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh results, on Monday both BJP and Congress – as well as other parties – must get out of poll mode and focus on the pressing legislative issues at hand. (The Times of India)

Epic Games have confirmed that the Fornite new mode will be one of the reveals shown off at The Game Awards 2017. (The Daily Express)

Opawa resident Olive Crothall​ said she had no problem with the council not mowing the bank along the waterside, but on Richardson Tce the entire Heathcote River bank was not being mowed and the grass was waist-height in places. It was impossible to walk on the bank and she had to walk on the road. (The Press)

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