Currant vs current

  • A currant is a small dried fruit which is raisin-like, made from a Mediterranean grape, the zante. A currant is also a berry from a currant shrub such as a blackcurrant, redcurrant or whitecurrant. They are often used in baking and in jellies and jams. Currant comes from the mid-fourteenth century term raysyn of Curans, literally raisins of Corinth, referring to the zante. In the 1570s currant was also applied to the Northern European berry.


    Current is a flow of water or air that moves in a definite direction, usually in a swift manner. Current is also a flow of electricity between conductors, it is measured in amperes. Used as an adjective, current means happening in the present or in general use, the adverb form is currently. Current comes from the Old French word corant, which means running.


    The aroma was a swirl of evident black currant and violets, with supporting roles from vanilla, mocha, leather and red meat. (The Telegram)

    “Red currants, generally speaking, are the tartest and the ones people think about for currants,” said Dale Secher of Carandale Farm in Oregon, Wis. (Duluth News Tribune)

    After adding the mix of hops for balance, they ferment the beer to bring out a hint of dried raisins and currants. (Pasadena Star-News)

    “A large part of the current inflation is temporary,” Fischer said on Bloomberg TV. (Business Insider)

    But an upset will be a tall order, not least because defensive height is a little of what Plummer’s current team lacks. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

    “Illegal killing and poaching of lions are occurring at a massive scale, which are contributing at a far greater extent to the current devastating decline of the species,” said Susie Sheppard, media director for Panthera, a coalition of cat academics dedicated to conservation. (The Star)


    1. Current (the flow) also refers to streams of ideation, thought inferences in action, but almost always preceded by the prefix under-. “The undercurrent of our discussion really was sexual, but polity provided the cover that both allowed exploring the messy desire, whilst ostensibly keeping the banter publicly sociable”


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