Hart vs heart

A hart is a male European red deer over five years old, when the crown antlers are formed. Hart comes from the Old English word heorot, meaning stag, male of the red deer, derived from other words such as the Old Saxon word hirot, the Dutch word hert, and Old High German hiruz. The female European red deer is called a hind, from the Old English hind and Old Norse hind, as well as Dutch hinde and Old High German hinta.

A heart is an organ that pumps blood through the body by way of the circulatory system. A heart consists of muscles that contract and dilate rhythmically. Heart may also refer to the area of the chest above the heart. The human heart is metaphorically considered to be the center of emotion, especially love and compassion. Heart may also be a synonym for courage. Heart sometimes means the innermost part of something, its essence. One of the four suits in playing cards is hearts. The word heart comes from the Old English word heorte, which means heart, breast, soul, spirit, will, desire, courage, intellect. Other influences are the word herta from the Old Saxon, the Old Norse word hjarta and the Dutch word hart.


Like the White Hart which I visited last week, and other places like the Windmill at Linton, the Star and Garter at Kirby Overblow and the Black Swan at Burn Bridge, this is a pub which trades on its rural feel, despite being just a few minutes’ drive from some major settlements. (The Yorkshire Evening Post)

The 20-plus village team, included Red Hart pub landlord Lee Merritt, village postmaster Ruairidh Campbell, members of the parish council, organisers of the Rock Bodham festival and Dave Parks, winner of the north Norfolk heat of TV favourite “Come dine with me”. (The Norfolk Eastern Daily Press)

The dead patient’s heart was revived for Hall, using a method called a “heart in a box” that keeps the organ beating outside of the donor’s body. (The Huffington Post)

Bayer will move a heart failure drug into final-stage testing this year, boosting its ambitions in cardiovascular treatments after the experimental medicine showed a “striking” reduction in deaths in a mid-stage trial. (Reuters)

Chinese investors lose heart as stocks plunge again (The Guardian)

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