But vs. Butt – Difference, Meaning & Spelling

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But and butt are similar-sounding terms with very different meanings and spellings. One is a conjunction that connects clauses, while the other is an informal abbreviation for buttocks. I’ll show you the difference between but vs. butt in this guide with various, easy-to-understand sentence examples.

But vs. Butt

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But and butt sound the same way when spoken. But when written, their spellings differ. Their meanings are also different from each other. These words are called homophones.

  • But is a conjunction or preposition that shows contrast or exception.
  • Butt is a noun, which is a short version of buttocks.

What Does But Mean?

As a conjunction, but introduces clauses to show contrast with something previously mentioned. For example:

  • I like cake, but carrot cake is not my favorite.

It can also be a preposition that means except or apart from.

  • I eat any cake but carrot cake.

What Does Butt Mean?

Butt is a short and informal version of buttocks. For example:

  • My butt hurt from sitting too much.

It can also be a noun that refers to a person or thing at which criticism or humor is directed. Other words for butt include target or victim. For example:

  • She dislikes being the butt of a joke.

Examples of But in a Sentence

Here are some sentence examples showing how to properly use the word but.

  • But this was the mess I had made, and I couldn’t regret the choices that led me here because they brought all of you into my life.
  • I was going to stop for ice cream after work, but my husband called and said the house was on fire.
  • We accept all forms of payment here but not checks.
  • I love you, but I love myself more.
  • But without the proper tools, we can’t finish this job, and the client will be left without a finished deck.
  • I don’t care what you take with you in the divorce, but please leave my collection of antique cherubs.

Examples of Butt in a Sentence

Take a look at these examples I found using the word butt in a sentence.

  • I can’t believe Michael did that and showed everyone in the office his butt!
  • I’m tired of the way you all treat men; I’m always the butt of the jokes around here!
  • I’m getting those butt implants next year; I just need to save up a few more thousand dollars.
  • I have been going to the gym each day for six weeks and really focusing on my butt and glutes.
  • Don’t forget to put powder on the baby’s butt after you change its diaper; it helps with chafing.

Final Word on But vs. Butt

Many people get confused between but and butt. Hopefully, this guide helps you differentiate between the two. Remember:

  • But with one T is more commonly used because it’s a conjunction that shows contrast.
  • Butt with two Ts refers to buttocks or a person at which humor is directed.