Tag Questions Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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You already know what tag questions are, don’t you? Tag questions are short questions added at the end of statements.

Try these three worksheets about tag questions. The exercises will require you to recall tag question rules, complete the tag question, and respond to tag questions.

What’s a Tag Question?

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A tag question is a brief question that comes after a declarative sentence to ask for confirmation. These tag questions often mean, “Am I right?” or “Do you agree with me?”

A tag question always has any of the following constructions:

  • Positive statement + comma + negative tag question
  • Negative statement + comma + positive tag question

For example:

  • The grass is green, isn’t it?
  • The sky isn’t gray, is it?

Notice how the tag questions always repeat the auxiliary verb and the pronoun that replaces the subject. Below are more examples.

  • We have finished, haven’t we?
  • The sun is up, isn’t it?
  • I am happy, am I not?
  • My parents will come, won’t they?
  • My sister should not cry, should she?

Some sentences do not have linking or auxiliary verbs. So, we use do as the verb for tag questions. For example:

  • You like coffee, don’t you?
  • We finished our homework, didn’t we?

To answer a tag question, say yes or no, then reverse the tag question. For example:

  • You like mathematics, don’t you?

Yes, I do.

Tag Question Exercise #1

Tag Question Exercise #1

Choose the letter of the correct answer.

What punctuation mark separates the statement and tag question?
What is repeated when writing tag questions?
How do you answer tag questions?
A positive statement is followed by what kind of tag question?
Which verb do you use in a tag question when the statement has no auxiliary verb?
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Tag Question Exercise #2

Tag Question Exercise #2

Complete the sentence with the correct tag questions.

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Tag Question Exercise #3

Tag Question Exercise #3

Choose the right response to the following tag questions.

The English alphabet has 40 letters, doesn’t it?
He never came, did he?
You shouldn’t drive so fast, should you?
The Earth isn’t flat, is it?
The blue whale is the biggest animal, isn’t it?
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Practice Tag Questions

This guide and activities about question tags should get you up to speed. Keep practicing turning statements into questions and level up your writing.