Reported Speech Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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In English grammar, reported speech is used to tell someone what another person said. It takes another person’s words (direct speech) to create a report of what they said (indirect speech.) With the following direct and indirect speech exercises, it will be easier to understand how reported speech works.

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Reported Speech Exercise #1

Reported Speech Exercise #1

Complete the sentence in the reported speech.

Sarah told me that __________________________.
The author said that _____________________.
Pam told me that ______________________.
Matthew told me that ____________________________.
My brother said that _______________.
Tim said that ____________________.
He said that _____________________________.
She told me that ____________________________.
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Reported Speech Exercise #2

Reported Speech Exercise #2

Fill in the gaps below with the correct pronouns required in reported speech.
Ex. Mary said: “I love my new dress!”
Sentence: Mary said ____ love ____ new dress.
Answer: she, her

The teacher looked at us and said there was a way to improve ______ grades.
Mike asked how _____ trip to Miami was.
My mother asked if _____ could borrow ______ laptop.
Jenny told me that _____ liked to go hiking.
The HR manager asked if _____ could come into _____ office.
Tim told Mary ____ doesn’t do well under pressure.
Tom and Bill said _____ love _____ new toys.
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Reported Speech Exercise #3

Reported Speech Exercise #3

Choose the correct reported speech phrase to fill in the sentences below.

Tim: I love the new Brad Pitt movie. / Tim said _________.
Mom: Don’t eat cookies before dinner! / Mom told us _______.
Jenny: I need new shoes. / Jenny said ___________.
Tanya: Your new dress is cute. / Tanya told me _________.
Mary: The package didn’t arrive on time. / Mary said __________.
Dad: Don’t go on empty streets alone at night! / My dad told me _______.
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