Phrasal Verbs Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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In English grammar, phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs usually composed of a regular verb and an adverb or a preposition (sometimes both). The two words combined act as a single verb and usually change the meaning of the original verb. Take these common phrasal verbs quizzes to expand your knowledge and test your grammar skills.

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Phrasal Verbs Exercise #1

Complete each of the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb from the following list:
Ran out of, calm down, came across, look after, tear down, came forth, looking through, look up, set off, get by, believe in
Note: Only write the correct phrasal verb in the answer box.

Phrasal Verbs Exercise #2

Fill in the following phrases by conjugating the phrasal verbs in the brackets.
Example: This is a serious matter. Stop _______! (fool around)
Answer: fooling around

Phrasal Verbs Exercise #3

Analyze the following definitions and determine the comprehensive phrasal verb that best describes them.
Ex. To be inspired or look at someone as a role model
Answer: Look up to

Final Thoughts on Phrasal Verbs

Remember that when you’re conjugating a phrasal verb, you will only conjugate the part of the phrase that’s an actual verb. For instance, if you use “get by” as a phrasal verb, a potential way to conjugate it is “getting by.” Save these exercises and keep practicing!