Conditionals Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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If it rains, I’ll wear my raincoat. I wrote that as an example of a first conditional sentence.

Conditionals have different types and structures that imply different meanings. Try answering these conditional sentences exercises to practice your knowledge of the topic.

What Are Conditionals?

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Conditionals or if clauses are used to express that one thing depends on another thing. There are four types of conditionals.

  1. Zero conditional: For things that are always true or certain

If + present simple + present simple

  • If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.
  1. First conditional: When talking about future things that are real or possible

If + present simple + will + infinitive

  • If it rains tomorrow, we will stay home.
  1. Second conditional: Used to imagine present or future situations that are impossible

If + past simple + would + infinitive

  • If I had money, I would buy a new laptop.
  1. Third conditional: Used for an imagined past

If + past perfect + would/wouldn’t have + past participle

  • If I had seen her, I would have asked for a picture.
Conditionals Exercise #1

Conditionals Exercise #1

Choose the correct answer.

Which sentence shows a second conditional?
What type of conditional is “Once I get the results, I’ll call you.”
Which sentence expresses a third conditional?
Which conditional follows the structure “If + simple past + would + infinitive.”
What are conditionals?
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Conditionals Exercise #2

Conditionals Exercise #2

Identify the type of conditional by writing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 0.
Example: If she sees you, she will freak out.
Answer: 1st

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Conditionals Exercise #3

Conditionals Exercise #3

Complete the conditional sentences by choosing the correct verb in the parentheses.
Example: I (would take, will take) the bus home if my friend doesn’t pick me up.
Answer: will take
For items that needs two answers, just add a comma after each answer.
Example: will be, would be

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Learn More About Sentence Moods

Conditionals are just one of the many sentence moods that allow you to practice sentence variety. I hope this set of conditional worksheets helps you master the subject matter, and be sure to check your answers using the answer key.