Causative Verbs Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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In English grammar, we use a few verbs when describing an action someone does at the orders/requests/wishes or someone else. These are called causative verbs, and you can learn more about using them correctly with the following exercises.

What Are Causative Verbs?

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Causative verbs are used in English to talk about someone who makes another person do something for them. These verb forms typically describe the reason why something happened.

The most common causative verbs in English are:

  • Let
  • Allow
  • Permit
  • Make
  • Force
  • Require
  • Have
  • Get
  • Help

Since there are only a few causative forms of verbs in English, there are some basic rules for using them:

  • Let – Followed by an object
  • Allow + let – Use “to” before the verb describing the action
  • Make – Its object is always a person followed by the base form of the verb
  • Get – Is followed by an object and the infinitive form of the verb
  • Have – Uses an object and the base form of the verb

When to Use Causative Verbs

You use causative verbs when you want to talk about something a person did for another person.

Examples of the correct verb form:

  • My mom had my brother take out the trash.
  • Dad always forces me to call my grandmother every day.
  • She let me clean her room.
  • My teacher allows us to go use the restroom during his class.
Causative Verbs Exercise #1

Causative Verbs Exercise #1

Choose the correct usage of verb form for each of the sentences below.

Upon further discussion, we have agreed to allow parents _______ their kids to work.
I left early to help my mom ______ the groceries.
My mom doesn’t allow me _______ sugar in the evening.
I won’t let you ______ another night in that house!
I don’t know if I should buy a new smartphone or get my old one ______.
Our company requires us _______ to do random unannounced drug tests.
Do you clean the apartment yourself or _____ someone do it for you?
Francis should let Fred _______ her with her project.
Her lung problems force her ______ smoking for good.
Sarah had Tom _______ her new laptop.
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Causative Verbs Exercise #2

Causative Verbs Exercise #2

Rephrase the sentences below to form one statement that includes a causative verb.
Example: I didn’t do my essay. Tim did it for me. | Brenda doesn’t go out late at night. Her mom doesn’t allow it.
Answer: I had Tim do my essay for me. | Her mom doesn’t allow her to go out late at night.

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Causative Verbs Exercise #3

Causative Verbs Exercise #3

Change the sentence below to include the form of the verb in the bracket and use the passive causative form.
Example: My sister tattooed her right arm. (get)
Answer: My sister got her right arm tattooed.

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