French days and months

  • The French months are easy to remember because they all sound similar to their English versions. 


    French Pronunciation Month
    janvier jahn-veeay January
    février fay-vreeay February
    mars mahrs March
    avril ah-vreel April
    mai may May
    juin jwehn June
    juillet jwee-ay July
    aoà»t ah-oot August
    septembre sep-tahm-br September
    octobre oc-toe-br October
    novembre no-vehm-br November
    décembre day-sehm-br December

    The French days are harder to remember. Samedi has some similarity in sound to Saturday, and lundi is easy to connect to Monday when we remember that moon is the basis of Monday and that lune, being related to the English word lunar, is the root of lundi. All the others just have to be memorized.

    French Pronunciation Day
    lundi luhn-dee Monday
    mardi mahr-dee Tuesday
    mercredi mehr-cruh-dee Wednesday
    jeudi juh-dee Thursday
    vendredi vahn-druh-dee Friday
    samedi sahm-dee Saturday
    dimanche dee-mansh Sunday

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