Knowadays Proofreading Course vs. Proofread Anywhere

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Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

Online proofreading is an in-demand job for people who want to earn money at home. And it’s easy to start your career with the help of proofreading courses. Furthermore, taking these courses is also beneficial if you’re a writer or author. I’ve written dozens of books and short stories, and having this knowledge helps bring my work a step above the rest.

Two reputable online course providers are Knowadays and Proofread Anywhere. I checked out both courses to see which one was best. No matter your proofreading goals, these courses are not to be ignored because both give helpful proofreading insights.

But which course offers the best value for the money? Learn the answer through this comprehensive review of Knowadays vs. Proofread Anywhere. We’ll closely examine their modules, teaching methods, certification, and pricing. 

Knowadays vs. Proofread Anywhere 

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Not all legitimate proofreading courses offer accreditation all the time. However, many companies and clients will be happy if you have a certificate from Knowadays or Proofread Anywhere.

Knowadays course is called Becoming a Proofreader. It discusses common writing mistakes and how to proofread in a modern way on Word. You get a deep look into the mechanics of proofreading. All of which are valuable when starting a freelance proofreading business or working for another company.

Proofread Anywhere offers a General Proofreading course. It covers common writing mistakes and how to start and maintain your career. But I found one to be better for learning the skills and the other for both skills and starting a career.

Knowadays Features

Knowadays, offers several courses to equip you with career skills in the industry, whether with a company or under your own online proofreading business. The online platform currently provides courses in editing and proofing with a guaranteed job upon completion.

Through Knowadays, you can earn extra income from a flexible job. The earnings potential from proofreading is endless, whether with them or on your own. Work as a proofreader at their partner company once you pass their exams and earn a certification. 

Course Content

The online proofreading course dedicated to starting out is entitled Becoming a Proofreader, which takes 50 hours to finish if you unlock the entire program. I found the free trial excellent if you were on the fence and wanted a taste of what it offers. The free trial lessons only include the following:

  • Proofreading and Editing.
  • Common Spelling Mistakes.
  • Common Grammar Mistakes.
  • Microsoft Word: Track Changes.
  • Windows: Track Changes.
  • Mac: Track Changes.
  • Types of Writing.

There’s also a short quiz for free users at the end of the online course. But a passing score won’t make you entitled to a valuable career; it just tells them you understand the proofreading principles needed.

Only the paid version of Becoming a Proofreader lets you get a job immediately after passing the test. And I could see why: it’s far more detailed and challenging. Its extra topics include:

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Proofreading And Editing
  • 3: The Basics Of Microsoft Word
  • 4: Common Spelling Mistakes
  • 5: Common Grammar Mistakes
  • 6: Common Punctuation Mistakes
  • 7: Other Common Errors
  • 8: Proofreading In Practice: Style
  • 9: Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Windows
  • 10: Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Mac
  • 11: Academic Proofreading
  • 12: Academic Proofreading: Referencing And Citation
  • 13: Creative Writing And The Publishing Industry
  • 14: Proofreading Business Writing
  • 15: Finding Work And The Final Assignment

You have three chances to get a passing score of 80% or higher, or you won’t qualify for a job in their partner company, Proofed. But I found that the quick quizzes at the end of each module help prepare you for the final exam. So don’t skip them!

One excellent feature of the online course is the learner’s opportunity to chat with the tutors and peers. You can message the professors, talk to your classmates, and ask for feedback on your proofreading materials and work. 

My Favorite Module

I loved the lessons on how to work with Microsoft Word and properly use all its formatting features. I do this daily with formatting for WordPress and even formatting my books for publication in eBook and print. I think it’s a valuable lesson for proofreaders and writers alike. 

Lifetime Access

Knowaday’s course is available for a lifetime as soon as you buy it. I think that’s fabulous because there’s a ton of great content to absorb, and you can always go back to it as a refresher.

The content won’t close once you finish your three attempts on the final test. That means you can go back to the resources to recall previous topics even if you already have a job.

You also have an entry to the course’s future updates. If Knowadays decides to increase its prices in the future, your access to Becoming a Proofreader won’t be affected.


Both offer a certificate once you finish the online course. It signifies that you’ve gained adequate skills on professional proofreading skills. It also means you’ve achieved confidence in spotting mistakes in grammar and writing conventions.

But the best part about the certification is its work guarantee. The online course provider has partnered with Proofed to give you a chance to start working after graduating. 


Becoming a Proofreader now costs $499. Its original price was $399 before the developers added more modules. This one-time payment already involves lifetime admission to the course.

I feel like it’s a fair price for the value you’re getting. The course truly is packed full of everything you need to develop the skills required to start your career in proofreading.

Knowadays’ support team offers installment options. But you have to contact them for more details.

The refund policies for the course are complicated. I suggest you request a refund as early as possible if you want to get your money back in full. Its team might make deductions if you’ve had the course for more than 14 days. 

Proofread Anywhere Features

It was initially a blog started by Caitlyn Pyle, a proofreader who wants to share her successful career journey. Her mission is to show aspiring proofreaders that they can build their own businesses without significant capital. She gives guidance on grammar, tips on spelling, training for proofreading, breaks down types of proofreading, and gives insight into starting your own career.

Her two most popular courses are General Proofreading: Theory and practice and Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice. Proofread Anywhere also offers ebooks about commonly misused words, freelancer guides on tax, how to survive work-from-home, etc.

Course Content

Proofread Anywhere has several proofreading courses that give you training in grammar and spelling. The most basic program offered is the General Proofreading course, which is composed of nine modules:

  • Introduction to general proofreading.
  • Get into the proofreading mindset.
  • Proofreading basics.
  • Proofreading methods and practice.
  • Turning proofreading into a business.
  • Looking for jobs.
  • Once you get the job.
  • Getting the most out of freelancing life.
  • Ignite Plus exam.

The ninth part of the course is an examination only available for Ignite Plus subscribers. Ignite Plus members also receive exclusive certificates and membership in a private Facebook Group. 

They can also enjoy a listing on the Self-Publishing School (SPS) Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex.

If you do not need these features, you can only go for the Ignite level, which is a guide for grammar that most grammar wizards choose. 

The other course that Proofread Anywhere offers is Transcript Proofreading, which lets you create a transcript or be a court reporter. This course also helps you proofread transcribed work. The modules include:

  • Introduction to transcript proofreading.
  • The nuts and bolts of transcripts.
  • Marking up transcripts.
  • Simulation transcripts.
  • Corresponding within the court reporting profession.
  • Billing and accounting procedures.
  • Marketing.
  • Concluding lesson. 

Lifetime Access

Proofread Anywhere offers lifetime access to anyone who buys the course. You’ll learn all about the rules for grammar and partake in training with grammar and spelling guides.

The General Proofreading course is divided into two versions: Ignite and Ignite Plus, but both options feature a lifetime permit.

You’ll also receive bonus books that will assist you in becoming a top freelancer and experienced proofreader. These resources include:

  • Look Better in Writing Handbook of Commonly Misused (and Abused!) Words.
  • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide.
  • The Mindset Mastery Guide.
  • 5 Mindset Shifts for Goal-Crushing Confidence. 

If you purchase the General Proofreading course, you’ll have free access to level 1 of the Transcript Proofreading course. You can also enroll in the Money Mindset Transformation workshop for free.


Proofread Anywhere requires you to score at least 90% on the final assessment to get a certificate for students. This certification will allow you to look for a job quickly. You can also set up your own proofreading business if you like. 

But this certificate is not recognized by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Despite the high standards of Proofread Anywhere, CPD’s benchmarks still don’t recognize the course. 


The General Proofreading course by Proofread Anywhere costs $497 for the Ignite version. If you want to buy the Ignite version, you need to pay $597. The extra hundred dollars is for the additional graded tests and certificate. 

Despite being pricey, Proofread Anywhere’s cost has been like this since 2017. It has improved its courses several times but never increased its fees. 

Proofread Anywhere offers a payment plan on PayPal. Contact Proofread Anywhere for more information if you can’t make the full payment. This is a great option to pay as you go while building a career as a freelance proofreader. Not many schools offering proofreader courses have this option.

The Nitty Gritty on Knowadays and Proofread Anywhere

Knowadays: Becoming a Proofreader


Certificate Given:
Yes (accredited by CPD)

Basics of proofreading and how to conduct modern proofreading on MS Word.  Helps you launch a career or find a job.

Offers work guarantee at Proofed if you achieve a grade of  80% or higher.

Proofread Anywhere: General Proofreading Course

$497 or $597

Certificate Given:

Fundamental aspects of proofreading, basics how to start a proofreading career, how to maintain your freelancing business. 

Offers access to several ebooks and free workshops. 

Pros and Cons of Knowadays


  • Covers how to perform modern proofreading.
  • Guarantees work for students who pass the test.
  • Accredited by Continuing Professional Development.
  • Affordable.
  • Free trial available. 


  • Does not teach traditional proofreading.
  • Students are experiencing difficulty with their certificates after the company’s new name.
  • Stiff competition on Proofed. 

Pros and Cons of Proofread Anywhere


  • Includes valuable information on how to spot common mistakes.
  • Guides you into launching and maintaining a proofreading business.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for Ignite Plus students.
  • Free access to online textbooks and workshops. 


  • Limited student support.
  • Does not have a refund policy.
  • Feels very basic.
  • Several unnecessary pieces of information for those who already have a proofreading business. 

Knowadays vs. Proofread Anywhere (Differences) 

You already know the basic features, benefits, and drawbacks of these online proofreading courses. Take a look at how they differ in terms of training in punctuation, spelling, pricing, extras, and more.

Knowadays is More Affordable

You can access Becoming a Proofreader for only $499, while the General Proofreading course costs $497 or $597.

Knowadays Has Better Support for Learners

Both Knowadays and Proofread Anywhere offer support for learners. But the former has more reliable teachers. If you have questions on the topics, the tutors are available to answer them. 

Knowadays also allows one-on-one tutoring for free if you are experiencing difficulty with a topic. The teaching presence will help you get a higher score on the final test. 

If you have course-related concerns on Proofread Anywhere, you need to pay an extra amount of at least $40. The tutoring fee depends on the number of sessions you need and the duration of each. 

Many learners just go to the private Facebook group to ask peers about complicated topics in a community environment. It’s free, collaborative, and more convenient. 

Proofread Anywhere Offers Better Peer Communication

If Knowadays offers a community of better teacher-student communication, Proofread Anywhere wins peer communication. Ignite Plus students get a free membership to the private Facebook group.

Ask your online classmates for feedback about your work. Create meaningful discussions regarding proofreading, then answer their questions concerning the modules. 

The online course developers designed the General Proofreading course for students to receive feedback from peers instead of the teachers. Instead of a teacher grading your work, your online classmates can practice their skills by checking your work.

You have to pay extra if a student-teacher tutoring session is what you need. Personally, I would just ask for recommendations and assistance from my classmates. It’s free, plus most members are knowledgeable professionals with experience. 

Knowadays Offers More Direct Employment Opportunities

Proofread Anywhere and Knowadays course offers employment opportunities to aspiring proofreaders differently. One provides in-depth tutorials on how to set up and maintain an online freelancing business, while the other offers valuable work at a company.

Knowadays course will help you get a proofreading job if you are competent enough for it. If you get at least 80% on your first three tries, the company will set you up with Proofed. Work as an expert proofreader for different papers like academic and business.

Proofread Anywhere won’t offer direct employment once you pass the final examination. But it will teach you the nuts and bolts of starting a freelancing business. The course mentions where to find clients in blogging, marketplaces, and social media.

You’ll also learn how to write a proposal, market yourself, and communicate with clients. There’s even a topic on how to prevent burnout throughout your freelancing life. Read the book on how to gain more confidence in your job and practice work-life balance. 

Proofread Anywhere Teaches a Specific Style Guide

Discover how to follow The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) on Proofread Anywhere. This style guide is an indispensable and time-tested reference for proofreaders, copywriters, and editors who want to focus on formatting. 

Enroll in Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading course if most of your clients prefer this style guide for US English. But it would still help to learn other style guides, including Associated Press Style and American Medical Association. 

Meanwhile, the Knowadays course doesn’t follow a specific style guide. It focuses on the basic guidelines. Then it’s up to you to learn the particular style guide. 

PKnowadays and Proofread Anywhere are Both Challenging

It’s worth noting that Knowadays course and Proofread Anywhere are challenging in unique ways. These programs are excellently structured into different modules which will challenge your mind.

Knowadays is excellent for beginners who want to learn how to proofread on a specific platform. Meanwhile, Proofread Anywhere is best for learning the business aspects of the career. 

Who is Knowadays Best For? 

I feel that Knowadays Becoming a Proofreader is best for online proofreaders and those who want instant employment. I found the course to be jam-packed with all the info you need and the simple steps to setting up your career.

Aspiring Online Proofreaders 

Becoming a Proofreader is ideal for proofreaders who want to work from the comfort of their homes. You won’t learn the different proofreading symbols and other practices for proofreading hard copies. But you’ll be a master at spotting errors on Microsoft Word.

Knowadays’ course will guide you through Word’s “Track Changes” features. It’s the modern and convenient way to suggest corrections on a written document.

I would suggest a different course if you’re a traditional proofreader who wants to work in publishing companies.

Those Who Want an Instant Job After Completing the Course

Some courses will teach you how to land a job and sustain it for a long time, but Knowadays won’t. Instead, you will instantly get a job once you pass the final examination without needing interviews and other standard hiring practices.

Enroll in Becoming a Proofreader if you want to become an instant proofreader once you complete the online course.

Who is Proofread Anywhere Best For? 

The General Proofreading Course is best for learners who want to build their own business to offer general proofreading services.

Those Who Want to Spot More Common Writing Mistakes

Caitlyn Pyle introduces common practices in proofreading. But she’s more focused on the basics, such as how to spot common writing mistakes. Whether you work on printed manuscripts or Word files, you’ll be able to determine a writer’s spelling and grammar errors.

Proofreaders Who Want to Start a Business

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. This quote perfectly captures Proofread Anywhere’s course. If you’re hoping to get a start in the editing industry, this is a good place to jump in.

It won’t give you an instant proofreading job after finishing the course. But it goes into basic details of how to start a freelancing business. The course has everything you need, from creating a resume to recovering from burnout. 

But I did feel, as a seasoned industry professional, that it really only gives you the details to get started, and not how to thrive or keep the train moving. I would have like to see more on what to expect a few weeks or months into a career launch. 

Knowadays vs. Proofread Anywhere: Verdict

Both online courses offer valuable information on proofreading methods and how the content industry and editing industry works. Knowadays offers valuable work after graduation at a reputable company, Proofed. Choose it if you’re on a budget and want to earn immediately.

The General Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere guides you in finding clients, managing workflows, and maximizing your freelance career.