C’est Comme Ca vs. Comme Ci, Comme Ca – Meaning in English

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Being married to a bi-lingual person means I get to hear cool French phrases all the time, like comme ci, comme ca and c’est comme ca. My husband uses those all the time. While I didn’t actually know their meanings, I understood the intent within the context he used them. But here’s a more detailed explanation of the two popular French phrases.

C’est Comme Ca vs. Comme Ci, Comme Ca

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Translating French phrases to English doesn’t always work out. But we do our best to put them into terms that make sense. With phrases like c’est comme ca vs. comme ci, comme ca, one means like this or like that, while the other one translates to neither bad nor good, or even simpler, so-so.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca Meaning

When you hear someone say comme ci, comme ca, you immediately know it’s a French phrase. It’s used widely around the world as an expression, mostly in English, and it pretty much means that something is so-so, or it doesn’t matter, or it’s like this or like that.

If I ask my co-worker how they are doing and they reply with, “comme ci, comme ca,” I know they mean they’re okay, or not good, but also not bad. Just meh.

C’est Comme Ca Meaning

This French phrase looks so similar to comme si, comme ca, and if you’re not paying close enough attention when the person is speaking, you can easily confuse the two. But, c’est comme ca translates to this is it, or it is what it is.

Is It Com Si Com Sa or Comme Ci, Comme Ca?

If you want to be grammatically correct, use the spelling of comme si, comme ca.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca Pronunciation

When it comes to French words, pronunciation is everything. The way you say certain words can completely change their meanings. So, when pronouncing comme si, comme ca, say it as kom-see kom-saw.

Should There Be a Comma for Comme Ci, Comme Ca?

Yes, always. Separating the phrase into two with a comma is essential for the meaning to come across properly.

Using Comme Ci, Comme Ca in a Sentence

  • When I asked my son, who’s in French emersion, how his day was, he replied, “comme si, comme ca.”
  • Everyone keeps asking me how I’m doing after my brother’s death, and all I can say is comme si, comme ca.
  • I learned that comme si, comme ca means so-so in French today!
  • Comme si, comme ca means so-so, but I know it also means it’s okay, could be better.

Using C’est Comme Ca in a Sentence

  • I know it’s not my best work, but I handed in the essay anyway. C’est comme ca.
  • Listen, c’est comme ca. I don’t care who does the job as long as it gets done.
  • C’est comme ca, the damage is done.

C’est Comme Ca or Comme Ci, Comme Ca?

French phrases that are popular in English can add personality to your conversation or even in writing. So, play around with them and see how you can use them!