What Is Certifiable? – Meaning and Examples

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Some words in the English language appear simple at first but come with multiple meanings, so simply deeper contexts are required. Words like certifiable come to mind. What does it really mean? How is it meant to be used? I’ll go over these questions and also share some sentence examples and a few synonyms to help you out!

Certifiable Meaning Explained

What Is Certifiable Meaning Examples

The word certifiable is defined as an adjective we use to describe someone or something that’s more than capable of being certified or verified in some professional capacity. In a more colloquial sense, you can also use it to describe someone deemed mentally unstable or insane, like most authors.

Is Uncertifiability a Word?

No, uncertifiability isn’t a recognized word in the dictionary, although it seems like it would mean the inability to get certified or officially recognized. But, alas, it’s not a real term, and you should avoid using it in formal settings. Instead, you should use uncertifiable to describe the person.

What Is Certifiable Crazy?

Certifiable crazy or certifiably crazy is a casual expression that suggests someone is considered extremely or irrationally insane. It can be a literal term, but it’s mostly used in a joking manner to point out someone’s erratic behavior.

Origin/Etymology of Certifiable

This adjective came about in the mid-1800s and was created by combining two words, certify and able, to emphasize how someone is able to be certified. This certification could only be given by a medical professional or some other official.

How to Pronounce Certifiable

Certifiable is pronounced as ser-tah-fy-able with an emphasis on the first syllable.

What Are the Synonyms for Certifiable?

Synonyms can help break up the monotony in your writing. Also, they help us to better understand a certain word. Here are a few other ways you can say certifiable.

  • Verifiable
  • Authenticatable
  • Confirmable
  • Insane (colloquial)
  • Mad (colloquial)
  • Crazy (colloquial)

Certifiable Examples in a Sentence

What Is Certifiable Meaning Examples 1

Now for some deeper context. Seeing how to use certifiable in a full sentence should give you a really good idea of how you can work with it.

  • The documents they provided to us were certifiable, proving the applicant’s identity, so we can rent the house to them.
  • Dan’s certifiable behavior makes me question whether we should invite him to the party.
  • My mother’s obsession with cleanliness and organization was almost certifiable.
  • The art expert deemed the painting a certifiable masterpiece and told us we had a small fortune in our hands.
  • Damon’s erratic behavior led everyone to believe he was certifiably insane and that he needed some serious help.
  • I’m certifiable on most social media platforms but never bother with the application process because, apparently, it’s hard to get the checkmark.

Bottom Line

Just remember to consider the context in which certifiable is being used because it can significantly change the meaning of the word, as I’ve shown you above. Basically, if something possesses the ability to be certified in any capacity, you can describe it as certifiable.

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