Rotate or revolve

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Rotate is a verb which means (1.) to spin on an axis (2.) to advance through a recurring sequence, to take turns (3.) to grow different crops in succcession on a plot of land in order to maintain the fertility of the soil. Verb forms are rotates, rotated and rotating. Adjectives are rotatable, rotative and rotatory, the noun form is rotation. The use of rotate as a verb dates from 1794 as a back-formation from rotation.

Revolve is a verb which means (1.) to move around a center or axis. (2.) to move in a circular orbit (3.) to occur in cycles (4.) to be focused upon something or consider it the most important thing. Verb forms are revolves, revolved, revolving, the adjective is revolvable and adverb form is revolvably. The noun form is revolution. Revolve appears in the late fourteenth century from the Latin revolvere, meaning roll back, unroll, unwind, happen again, repeat.

While the definitions for rotate and revolve can be very close, in astronomy a planet is said to rotate on its own axis, while it revolves around the sun.

The Emanuel administration on Friday will propose an experiment at O’Hare International Airport to rotate the runways used late at night, possibly on a weekly basis, to spread out jet noise, the city’s aviation chief told the Chicago Tribune. (The Chicago Tribune)

Abington Heights School Board members voted to rotate the location of the district’s monthly work session meetings among different buildings, starting in October. (The Abington Journal)

The gluteous muscles help the hips rotate around a fixed axis both on the back-swing and follow through. (Chandigarh Times)

The only major negatives against the Air revolve around its display, which is vivid but not particularly sharp, and the fact that it virtually recycles the same design as the various MacBook Airs that have come before it. (Business Insider)

Polaris is by no means the brightest star in the sky, but it is the “lynch pin” because every single star and planet, including the sun and moon, appear to revolve around it every 24 hours. (The Times Record News)

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