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A robot is a machine that can carry out a series of tasks, often a series of tasks written in a computer program. A robot may or may not look like a human being. The word robot came into English as a translation of the Czech word robotnik, first used in a 1920 play by Karel Capek called R.U.R., which stands for Rossum’s Universal Robots. Capek coined the word robot from robota which means servitude, forced labor. A related word is robotic, which means behaving in a stilted, mechanical manner.

An android is a robot that is designed to look like a human being, therefore, all androids are robots, but not all robots are androids. Interestingly, the word android is much older than the word robot. Android was first used in 1837 in reference to automated chess players, it is derived from the Greek prefix andro-, meaning male, and the suffix -eides meaning form or shape. Android is also an operating system for tablets and smartphones.

Droid is an abbreviation of the word android, however, a droid is a robot that does not necessarily look like a human being. The word droid was coined by George Lucas and first used in the first Star Wars film released in 1977. Droid is also a type of smartphone.


A robot which has the capacity to decide it will inflict pain on humans has been invented – breaking one of the standard rules for artificial intelligence. (The Mirror)

While Giraud was unable to work with Scott on his follow-up to Alien, the futuristic Los Angeles that Harrison Ford’s android-hunting Rick Deckard slouches through is dominated by his influence. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Android’s operating system is an ever-evolving beast as it accommodates new features and hardware, techniques and of course security and bug fixes. (Forbes Magazine)

J.J. Abrams Had to Remind Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Not to Baby-Talk the Droids (GQ Magazine)

Although the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 – proven by all sorts of drop tests by multiple users to be the world’s first indestructible smartphone – didn’t go through the controlled drop tests by PhoneBuff, we have a rough idea of how it would turn out. (The Knoxville Daily Sun)

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