Oh well

As an interjection expressing resignation or mild disappointment, oh well has no comma. To place a comma between oh and well would change the meaning of the phrase. While “oh, well …” is similar in meaning to “I see, then ,” the commaless “oh well” usually means “that’s okay,” “nothing can be done,” or “tough luck.” “Oh, well …” is the start of a statement, and “oh well” is a standalone statement.


As a standalone sentence

But all that failed. Oh well. [AV Club]

If they see I brought my phone in, they’re going to be pissed. Oh well. [National Post]

Her maiden name, for example. Anybody? Just as I thought. Oh well. [Irish Times]

As part of a sentence

Oh well, he has more fun trying then we ever will. [Los Angeles Times]

He accepted gracefully that, oh well, winning a jumps race is all part of the fun. [New Zealand Herald]

Oh well, I suppose writing anything is impressive from a dead person. [Guardian]

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