• Learning can be the progressive form of the verb learn, so that you are in the process of acquiring knowledge. Learning is also a synonym for knowledge, or information acquired and retained in someone’s mind. It can be an adjective describing an object as something that will give the user more knowledge.


    Learnings is a pluralization of an erroneous form of learning as a singular noun. Said singular noun (e.g., a learning) does not exist, at least according to most dictionaries. Colloquially, especially in the medical field, learnings means specific items that were newly discovered or learned.


    There are many synonyms for learnings that are more conventional, including lessons and studies.


    It wasn’t long before she realized she was learning lessons as well. [APP]

    AP Psychology, in the few weeks that I have had it, has already changed the way I think about my learning and excited me for the rest of the year to come. [North Denver Tribune]

    For a first attempt, the Moon Tunes of Sept 18 went well, though it was unmistakably a learning experience for the planners. [Technique]

    In general, I had a great time with the Ollie and its learning curve is actually welcome. [Canada]

    There were some immediate learnings for the entrepreneur – like how to be an employee. [Tech Crunch]

    Dhoni said that even though Super Kings were floundering in the knockouts, their were learnings from all those losses. [ESPN CricInfo]

    We are constantly reviewing and applying new learnings. We don’t make an announcement at every step but we do and will apply any improvement to drive efficiencies. [Sydney Morning Herald]


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