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Kith and kin is a very old term, dating back to the 1300s. We will look at the definition of the term kith and kin, how it has evolved, and some examples of its use in sentences.

Kith and kin refers to one’s friends and family, one’s relations. Kith and kin dates back to the fourteenth century, however the word kith first appeared in the eighth century. Kith is derived from the Old English words cȳthth and cynn and carried the meaning, of one’s native land. In other words, the original meaning of kith and kin was one’s country and family. Kith has evolved to mean something closer to one’s friends, so kith and kin means one’s friends and relatives. Kith is a fossil word, which is an archaic word that is only used today in a very narrow sense inside a phrase or idiom. Kith and kin is a plural term.


And because ’tis the season for “the warm embrace of kith and kin” — as Clark Griswold would “thay,” your kith and kin will no doubt include those not as … uh … well, fresh as the newborn snow. (Santa Ynez Valley News)

Those with large amount of undeclared cash go about hosting obscenely lavish weddings for their kith and kin, with VIP guests being flown in in a fleet of chartered jets. (The Janta Ka Reporter)

The culpability of Mian Nawaz Sharif’s family is already floating on the face of the record unless they prove that the assets or properties in question have been lawfully acquired through legitimate sources, besides also clarifying the contradictions that hitherto exist in the statements made by the Prime Minister and his kith and kin before the Parliament, press and electronic media. (The Nation)

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