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Joshing is humorous banter, teasing someone in a playful fashion. Joshing is the noun form, the verb form is josh. Related words are joshes, joshed. The origin of the American term joshing is shrouded in mystery. One story involves a counterfeiter named Joshua Tatum, a deaf-mute who reputedly passed nickels as gold pieces. Most scholars doubt that Joshua Tatum existed. A more plausible theory is that joshing is a portmanteau, or blending of the words joking and bosh. In addition, in the mid-1800s when the word joshing is first seen, a country rube was often called a Joshua. Some combination of these factors probably contributed to the coining of the terms josh and joshing. Note that even though the word josh is taken from a proper name, it is no longer capitalized.


I was joshing with someone about how we stress ourselves out and kick the shit out of ourselves and approach everything from a negative standpoint. (The Irish Independent)

And so it goes, in a buddy comedy in which the joshing, lighthearted humor in time gives way to outright silliness worthy of Monty Python at its most absurdly outlandish (with a nod toward “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” for good measure). (The Denver Post)

As they delivered a joint press conference at the Foreign Office in Whitehall, central London, the pair joshed with each other and referred to each other by first names to demonstrate the strength of their personal relationships. (The Daily Mail)

Other things they joshed about during the interview were who is friendlier, who is better looking and who gets the bigger bed on the bus! (The Fairfax County Times)

We meet River as he goes about London in his car, accompanied by the ghost of his dead partner, Detective Sergeant Jackie (Stevie) Stevenson (Nicola Walker), who joshes with him and sings along to the disco music on the radio. (The Globe and Mail)

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