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What does it mean when someone is in the process of doing something? In the process of is a common phrase you’ll find in essays, novels, and casual conversations. Like me, I’m always in the process of writing a book. Sometimes it feels like I never stop!

Learn all about the meaning and usage of the phrase in the process of as I chop it down as simply as I can. My guide also shows various examples of in the process of in a sentence.

What’s the Meaning of the Phrase “In the Process”

The definition of the phrase in the process is as an unintended part of a course of action. That means when you do something and then do another thing in the process, this second action becomes a part of the first.

For example:

  • I went to the mall to buy books and saw my dream bag in the process.

The first action is buying books in the mall, and the second is seeing the dream bag. Note how the second action results from the first one, which is going to the mall to buy books.

In process of can also mean working on something that takes a certain amount of time, such as buying a house or writing a book.

Is it “On the Process” or “In the Process”

In the process vs On the process Ngram
In the process vs on the process English usage

Prepositions can be confusing because of their different meanings. The correct usage of the phrase is in the process instead of on the process.

In is mostly used when the subject is inside a defined space. But it also means into something, contained within something, after a particular duration, or during a period of time. The phrase in the process of uses in to mean “during a period of time”

Other examples of the preposition in in similar contexts include in my old age, in the fall, and in September.

What is Another Word for “In Process”

Here are synonyms for the word in process:

  • In the course of.
  • In the middle of.
  • In the midst of.

Here are other words associated with in the process of.

  • While.
  • Ongoing.
  • Existing.
  • Already.
  • For the time being.
  • In motion.
  • On the go.
  • Taking place.
  • Being performed.
  • In full swing.
  • Being worked on.
  • Current.
  • Evolving.
  • Begun.
  • Progressing.
  • Underway.

Examples of “In the Process”

  • The new president is in the process of removing corrupt members of the organization.
  • While writing his second novel, Ronny is in the process of turning his first story into a movie.
  • I made a special sauce and, in the process, tried adding more Italian seasoning.
  • Zipmex’s blog post noted that the firm is “currently in the process of compiling relevant documents” belonging to all its affected entities. [Coin Geek]
  • Revision was a collaborative process where we all participated in various ways. Some of us chose to take a on a larger role in the process, focusing on how to negotiate issues of a co-authored article, including how to create a voice for such an article and how to fit together parts of the article that had been written by different co-authors. [The Sport Journal]

“In the Process” Summary

Now you know the definition of in the process of and examples of how to use it in a sentence.

When you’re in the process of doing something, it means you are working on something that takes a specific amount of time. It’s also possible to do something when you’re in the process of working on something else. What other English phrases do you want to learn about?