In the process of

In the process of is wordy for currently, which itself is almost always unnecessary. In most cases, the phrase could simply be removed with no loss of meaning. This might be hard to believe, but consider the examples below. Each sentence would mean exactly the same if in the process of were removed:

Delaware County Sheriff deputies discovered the lab Thursday after receiving a tip that someone was in the process of cooking meth. [News on 6]

The coal portion of TransAlta’s plant is in the process of being phased out by 2025. [The Olympian]

Yesterday it named two new start-ups it was in the process of signing to its investment portfolio. [ (article now offline)]

The Tennessee Valley Authority is in the process of rebuilding the only working power generating flume in the United States. [Knoxville News Sentinel]

There are exceptions. Where process is meaningful—that is, when the sentence talks about an actual process—in the process of works—for example:

True to his roots as an English major, Cohen is more interested in the process of writing lyrics than in musical composition. [The MIT Tech]

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