What Is an Ideologue?—Usage & Meaning

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If you’ve ever found yourself in a heated debate with someone who staunchly sticks to their ideological beliefs, you’ve likely encountered an ideologue. But what does this strange word really mean, and where did it come from? Great questions! Knowing the answers will help you use the term correctly. So, let’s dive in!

Definition of Ideologue

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It sounds far more complicated than it really is, and we’ve all encountered someone like this at least once. An ideologue is someone who strongly sticks to a certain ideology, usually to the extent that they dismiss or ignore any and all opposing or contrasting viewpoints.

These types of people are fairly zealous about their beliefs, whether it’s political, religious or social ideologies. Simply put, you just can’t argue with an ideologue.

Idealogue vs. Ideologue

A common mistake in English is confusing the terms idealogue and ideologue. Here’s a clear-cut rule: idealogue is not an accepted English word in any major dictionaries. It’s still used in more relaxed contexts as a misspelling of the French loanword ideologue.

The Origin and Etymology of the Word Ideologue

Ideologue comes from the French word idéologue, first used in the early 1800s during the French Revolution. It was initially a term of respect for the scientists and philosophers who influenced revolutionary ideas. Dig a bit deeper and discover that it derives from Greek origins, where it was a combo of the word idea and logos.

Nowadays, it’s transformed into a term we use to describe someone who can’t be reasoned with or shown any idea outside of their concrete ideology.

What Is the Opposite of Ideologue?

The antonym of ideologue is not straightforward as it would be for some other words. But a pragmatist can be seen as the opposite. While an ideologue rigidly sticks to a set of beliefs regardless of practical considerations, pragmatists are more flexible and adapt their views based on practical circumstances and outcomes. Be more pragmatic in life!

How to Pronounce Ideologue

The pronunciation of ideologue is usually idea-log, but it differs slightly depending on where you are in the world. But, for the most part, you say it as idea-log.

Another Word for Ideologue

Looking for a different way to refer to an ideologue? Here are a few synonyms to try on for size!

  • Dogmatist
  • Fanatic
  • Extremist
  • Zealot
  • Hard-headed
  • Purist

Ideologue Examples in a Sentence

What Is an Ideologue Usage Meaning

To better understand the term, here are some examples of ideologue used in a full sentence.

  • Mark’s open-minded approach to politics identifies him as more of a pragmatist than an ideologue.
  • As an ideologue, Jane found it hard to compromise her outdated principles for practical solutions.
  • My co-worker’s refusal to consider other viewpoints in the office confirmed that he was an ideologue.

Have an Open Mind

An ideologue has an unbreakable hold on a set of ideas or beliefs, often unwilling to consider any other opposing perspectives. You’ll find it thrown around in the realm of politics and such. I hope my guide helped explain what this word means and how to use it! Be sure to have a glance at my other helpful guides!

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