Formulas vs formulae

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Formulas are 1.) mathematical or chemical rules expressed in symbols 2.) specific litanies of words used in ceremonies or proceedings 3.) lists of ingredients used in the preparation of something, such as babies’ food or medical prescriptions. Formulas is a plural form of formula, the alternate plural of formula is formulae. Formula is a Latin word that was absorbed into the English language in the 1630s, to mean words used in a ceremony or ritual. In Latin, formula means form, draft, regulation, rule method. Latin words appropriated by the English language usually form their plurals by the English method of adding an “s”, except in academic circles where the plural formulae is often the norm.


The disagreement shines a light on possible flaws with funding formulas prescribed under the Affordable Care Act, said an official with Colorado’s federally-backed health insurance cooperative. (The Durango Herald)

“I will continue accompanying you from wherever I’ll be,” Scioli said adding “there are no promises, no magic formulas to combat crime.” (The Buenos Aires Herald)

If you fear that only name brand formula is good enough for your baby, you’re not alone; half of caregivers wrongly believe that store brand formulas and name brand options are not nutritionally comparable, and less than a quarter say they would use store brand, according to a study published in Clinical Pediatrics. (The Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Formulae to enhance life of bananas (The Siasat Daily)

Practicing mathematics should be done every day, complex formulae should be written down, marked with colorful highlights and pasted somewhere in your room where it will catch your glimpse regularly. (The Dhaka Tribune)

“We should be busy lifting ideas, formulae, recipes, and diagrams from American and European manufacturing factories and sending them to our own factories” (Global News Network Liberia)