The word referendum is often used in politics, though the plural form of referendum can be confusing. We will examine the definition of referendum, the correct plural form, where the word came from and some examples of its use in sentences. A referendum is a question or proposal that is …

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Plurals of nouns ending in ‘Y’

Spelling rules can get very complicated in the English language. However, the spelling rule for nouns ending in y is fairly straightforward. We will examine that spelling rule, some examples of its application and find out what the one exception is to that rule. If a noun ends in a …

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Scintilla is a word with an interesting etymology. The etymology of a word is its origin and development through time. We will examine the meaning of the word scintilla, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. A scintilla is a small trace of something, a …

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Close Proximity or In Close Proximity – Meaning & Definition

As a content creator and author, I’m always within close proximity to my laptop, and my phone’s usually in close proximity, too. See what I did there? I used the correct form of the phrase twice, showing that the preposition ‘in’ usually goes before the words ‘close’ and ‘proximity.’ But …

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What Does “In Toto” Mean?

“In toto” is a phrase that you might have heard before, but you might not know exactly what it means. I’ll admit, I sure didn’t. I actually never heard the phrase used before, but that might have something to do with where I live. So, let’s explore its meaning together! …

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Stigma, stigmas or stigmata

Stigma is a common word, but the correct rendering of the plural form of stigma can be confusing. We will examine the definition of the words stigma, stigmas and stigmata, where these words came from, the proper plural form and some examples of these words used in sentences, A stigma …

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Millennia vs millenniums

A millennium is a time period that spans one thousand years or the one-thousand-year anniversary of something. The plural of millennium may be rendered as millennia or as millenniums. Millennium is a Modern Latin word, derived from the Latin word mille which means thousand and the Latin word annus, which …

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Plural Form Is It Potatoes or Potatos or Tomatoes or Tomatos 2

Plural Form – Is It Potatoes or Potatos or Tomatoes or Tomatos?

The English language can be quite tricky, with its share of oddities and inconsistencies, especially when it comes to forming plurals. When you think you’ve figured out the pattern, a curveball comes flying your way. In this quick guide, I’ll tackle the plural forms of potato and tomato, two words …

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Curricula vs curriculums

Curricula are the subjects in a course of study at a university or other institution. Curricula is the plural form of curriculum, the alternate plural form is curriculums. The adjective form is curricular. Curricula and curriculums are adapted from the Latin word, curriculum, meaning a running course, career. Latin words …

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Formulas vs formulae

Formulas are 1.) mathematical or chemical rules expressed in symbols 2.) specific litanies of words used in ceremonies or proceedings 3.) lists of ingredients used in the preparation of something, such as babies’ food or medical prescriptions. Formulas is a plural form of formula, the alternate plural of formula is …

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