Foot long

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A footlong is an item that measures twelve inches in length, usually when used as a noun footlong is describing a hot dog that is twelve inches long. Footlong may also be used as an adjective, preceding the word it modifies. When used as an adjective phrase coming after the noun it is describing, it is spelled as two words, foot long. Occasionally, it is hyphenated as in foot-long, but this use is diminishing. George Schmidt is credited with selling the original footlong in Chicago during the Great Depression, though many other hot dog stands and vendors claim some hand in the manufacture, selling and popularizing of the footlong. The plural of footlong is footlongs.


Finally, Sonic brings back its Drive-in Guys (and their owl) to promote a half-price sale on footlong hot dogs on Dec. 17. (AdAge Magazine)

There’ll be a parade, adult Big Wheel race, beer garden, art shows and $2 footlongs from Miss Griffin’s Footlong Hot Dogs. (The Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Subway ‘footlong’ sandwich deal doesn’t measure up, objector says (Reuters)

Gholam Salehi had put his son Amir to bed when he claims to have found the foot-long rodent tearing at the youngster’s skin. (The Mirror)

A card-carrying Subway devotee is fighting back against sub-par sandwiches, filing a lawsuit alleging the fast-food giant ripped off customers for more than $142 million with its short “Footlongs.” (The New York Post)

“It was about a foot long,” Rick said. (The Daytona Beach News-Journal)

In a different episode that aired last week, a clip from “Judge Karen” featured an obviously coached man who was suing a hot dog vendor for selling foot-longs that measured less than 12 inches. (MediaLife Magazine)