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The word exemplary dates back to the 1580s, and many find it confusing. We will examine the definition of the word exemplary, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Exemplary is an adjective that is used to describe something that is an example. Exemplary may describe something that is a good example or an example that should be emulated, which is the most commonly used meaning.  However, exemplary may also simply mean something that serves as the quintessential or typical model of something, either good or bad. Exemplary may also be used to describe something that may serve as a deterrent. The comparitive form of exemplary is more exemplary, the superlative form is most exemplary. The word exemplary is derived from the Latin word exemplaris, which means serving as a motto or example.


Paul Muscat, the 59-year-old Gozo Channel captain who was yesterday found dead along with his 52-year-old British partner, has been hailed as an ‘exemplary colleague’ by Gozo Channel’s executive chairman Joe Cordina. (Malta Today)

The Pakistan Welfare Society (PWS) is an exemplary social and welfare society of the Pakistani expatriate ladies community, said Sonia Shehryar, wife of Pakistan Consul General Shehryar Akbar Khan, at the 10th Annual Women Health Seminar arranged by PWS ladies wing (PWS-LW) Jeddah chapter at the premises of Consulate General. (The Saudi Gazette)

A Kilkenny student has been recognised for the exemplary volunteer work carried out in her local community, as Pramerica announced its 20 finalists for the 2018 Spirit of Community Awards, the only all-Ireland youth initiative of its kind. (Kilkenny People)

Exemplary sanctions are expected to be issued against the officials within the month. (The MOrocco World News)


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