Currently – Correct Usage, Grammar and Examples

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Sometimes we need to express the present state of things or events but don’t know how. That’s where the adverb “currently” comes in to save the day! But I see a lot of confusion over just how to use the word among writers of every level. So, I’m here to iron out the details and explain the meaning and proper usage of this everyday adverb.

Meaning of Currently

Currently Correct Usage Grammar Examples 1

“Currently” is classified as an adverb in the English language, and it means “at the present time” or simply “now.” You can use it to describe something happening or ongoing in the present, emphasizing that the situation is in progress or taking place at the moment.

  • Jim is mowing the lawn.

When is Jim mowing the lawn?

  • Jim is currently mowing the lawn.

Has Currently or Currently Has

You’re going to see examples of both versions all over the place because they both sound right. But there are grammar rules to keep in mind.

When you’re using “currently” in a sentence, it’s usually placed before the word it’s modifying. “Currently has” is the correct order, as in, “She currently has a part-time job.”

Currently Is or Is Currently

Is Currently vs Currently Is Ngram
Is currently and currently is usage trend.

In this context, “currently” usually comes after the word “is.” But, again, you’ll see it used both ways. Just know that “is currently” is the more widely accepted arrangement. “Dan is currently working on his thesis.”

I Am Currently or Currently I Am

Here’s a good example of how both versions are correct and accepted. But it depends on the context at play because one version requires a comma. Here, I’ll show you some examples.

  • I am currently reading a really good book.
  • Currently, I am reading a really good book.

How to Use Currently: Examples in a Sentence

Currently Correct Usage Grammar Examples

Time to roll out some deeper contexts and examples to help explain how to use currently properly. These sentences show all the different ways you can work it into conversations and writing.

  • The sandwich store is currently closed for renovations, and it’s the only healthy food option in town.
  • We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, so please call back later, and someone will be happy to help you.
  • They’re currently discussing the new proposal for an expansion of the warehouse.
  • I am currently learning French, so I can talk to my husband in two languages.
  • Jane is currently traveling in Europe and promises to call when she gets there.
  • My team is currently working on my new book project because I want to release it this summer.
  • Jordan is currently waiting for the bus because his car broke down.

What Are You Currently Doing?

Currently, you’re learning awesome grammar tips! It might seem like such a simple notion, but understanding how to properly use words like currently can make or break your writing. So, brush up on those grammar skills and study my guides as much as you can!