Admittance vs. Admission – Difference & Definition

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Is there a big difference between the words admittance and admission? Sure, they’re often used interchangeably and unknowingly, but they are so far apart in meaning. I’ll teach you the definitions of each and show you how to use them properly so you don’t get them mixed up again.

Admission vs. Admittance: What’s the Big Diff?

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Admittance refers to the physical act of entering a place, while admission means being granted the privilege of participating in an event or activity. But admission has a double meaning, so let’s take a closer look.

What Does Admittance Mean?

Admittance is the act of giving someone physical entry into a certain location or event. You might say, “I was granted admittance to the concert after showing my ticket,” when telling someone about how you went to a show.

It can also be sued to talk about someone admitting to something they’re guilty of. Their admittance can be used as proof in a legal case, for example.

What Does Admission Mean?

Admission is when you let someone participate in an event or activity or become a member of an organization.

If I was allowed to join a local club, I might say, “I was given admission to the exclusive club after being recommended by a current member.” It’s mostly used in the context of access to certain activities or privileges that not everyone gets.

The Biggest Difference Between Admission and Admittance

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So admittance is often seen when talking about formal settings, whereas admission is really more casual. For a fancy gala, you would use the term admittance when referring to getting into the event, but a sports event would usually just use the term admission. I know; it’s a little confusing. But stick with me.

Let’s say you were going to the zoo this weekend, and you bought a ticket. Buying a ticket can be called “buying admission,” but using the ticket to get in would be called “being given admittance.” So, the ticket is admission, and the act of being let in is admittance. Make sense?

The term “admission” can also be used when confessing something or acknowledging something as true. Take my kids, for example. If one of them broke something in the house and admitted to doing it, that would be an admission of their guilt.

Using Admittance in a Sentence

  • I was granted admittance to the concert after showing my ticket.
  • Admittance to the museum is free for children under the age of 12.
  • The security guard checked my ID before allowing me admittance to the building.
  • You must have a reservation to gain admittance to the restaurant.
  • The ticket I purchased only grants me admittance to the exhibition, not the special event.
  • Due to the high demand, admittance to the event will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Admittance to the VIP lounge is restricted to members only.
  • We are limiting admittance to the park to reduce overcrowding.
  • Her admittance of guilt will be crucial during the trial.

Although the show is free, tickets are required for admittance to this event. [Star-Ledger]

Using Admission in a Sentence

  • The cost of admission to the amusement park is $50 per person.
  • The standards of admission to the university are high.
  • I’m applying for admission to the university’s graduate program.
  • The admission requirements for medical school are quite stringent.
  • His admission of guilt in court led to a reduced sentence.
  • The team was granted admission to the championship tournament.
  • She was denied admission to the club due to a lack of qualifications.

Admission will remain free for children 16 and under. [New York Times]

Use Admittance and Admission Properly

Both words can be used out of context if you don’t truly understand their meanings. And, sure, most people wouldn’t even notice. But if you want to be correct and use the two terms properly, remember that admission is your ticket or guilt; admittance is being let in.