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A site is a location, either used for a specific activity, construction, or important event. It also has come to mean a websiteCite is a verb which means to reference another’s work, either by quotation or general idea. To cite someone, or to issue a citation, is to require them to appear in a court of law.  The verb forms include citing, cited, and cites. Cite has the derivatives of citation and citable.

Site’s other homonym sight is discussed here.


Organisers of the town’s free display had said that the Henwick Worthy Playing Field was the only viable site if the event were to remain free. [Newbury Weekly News]

But the pioneering law that protects Western Australia’s heritage sites is now being dismantled and registered sites are disappearing from the records of the very organisation whose job it is to preserve them. [The Australian]

Robertson’s response is to cite Labour’s dismal 24.7 per cent share of the party vote in last month’s election and repeat mantra-like that “something has to change” when he really means “someone must be changed”. [New Zealand Herald]

Salgado stressed that under the rules of the Senate, neither Drilon nor the members of the Blue Ribbon sub-committee can cite anyone in contempt and order their arrests. [Philippine Star]

That law, approved by voters in 2010, makes sitting or lying on public right-of-ways a citable offense. [San Francisco Examiner]

“The courts seem most perturbed by copying from citable sources without attribution. And the more material copied, the worse the affront becomes.” [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]

Public Chapter 750 imposes a $5 fee on every traffic citation that results in a plea of guilty, no contest or a judgment of guilty. [Times News]

In response to inquiries from the television stations running the ads, the political group opposing the bottle bill added a citation to the ad, claiming the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs as its source for the figure, according to No On 2 spokeswoman Nicole Giambusso. [Patriot Ledger]

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