Separate vs seperate

Separate describes something viewed independently, something apart, distinct, different. Separate is an adjective. Separate may also be used as a verb to mean to move things apart, to be moved apart from a group, to act as a barrier. To separate means to sort, detach, or create a boundary. Related words are separates, separated, separating, separately, separateness, separation. Separate is one of the one thousand most frequently used words in the English language according to the Oxford English dictionary. Separate comes from the Latin word separatus, meaning to pull apart.

Seperate is a common misspelling of the word separate. In fact, seperate is the most common misspelling of the word separate. A mnemonic that is useful in remembering the correct spelling of separate is “there’s a rat in separate“, referring to the a that appears as the second vowel in sep-a rat-e.


“Reforms to clarify the position, or to more clearly separate the civil act from the religious act of solemnising the marriage may be desirable.” (The Guardian)

Two men were wounded in separate shootings a few minutes apart Wednesday morning in the Austin and West Garfield Park neighborhoods on the West Side. (The Chicago Sun-Times)

The state also dropped charges of conspiring to cause an explosion and having explosives with intent in connection with a separate bomb plot in Lisburn​, about 12 kilometres south-west of Belfast, in April 1998. (The Canberra Times)

In an interview with Variety, the executive producer of The Simpsons, Al Jean, revealed the couple would legally separate in the show’s upcoming season, with Homer falling for a woman voiced by Lena Dunham. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Outsell offers auto sellers tools to help separate tire kickers from real buyers (The Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

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