Gist vs. jist

gist is the main part of something, usually used with a direct object. It can also be the ground for legal action. Gist comes from the French word gist. Often misspelled as jist

Jist is the common phonetic spelling of a United States Southerner’s way of saying ‘just’. 

Interestingly, the origin of gist is the Latin word jacēre.



 He is uneasy quoting Macbeth and has slightly garbled the line, but you get the gist. [Guardian]

Think of it as the “Twitter of sports” with 2-minute segments (hence the “120” reference), and you get the gist of the design, that MLBAM is touting as a game-changer. [Forbes]

“My eye was jist a-blazin’!” [Twain]

He jist knowed Willie Price had lied when he said he seen ’em over on Crooked Creek. [Giles]

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