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dais a elevated section of a room or hall, sometimes a stage. It is usually used when giving speeches or accepting medals in an awards ceremony. It is pronounced /dā-əs/ (day-iss) or /ˈdī-əs/ (die-us). Dais is commonly misspelled as dias.

Its plural form is daises and is pronounced either (day iss iz) or (die us iz).

Side note: Daises is commonly found as a misspelling of daisies (the white flower).


Even Mahadevappa’s son Sunil Bose sharing the dais with the chief minister and other ministers and his sitting by the side of Chamarajnagar MP Dhurvanarayan left the many in the audience surprised. [Times of India]

Morton denied Meares a record sixth Commonwealth Games gold medal and then asked her training partner, mentor and friend to share top spot on the dais with her. [Guardian]

There was also a formal function which turned suddenly informal when members of the audience (or what appeared to be members of the audience) jumped up and did a flash mob routine singing acapella before they were joined by drummers and danced all the way up to the dais.[Hindustan Times]

Mamata’s visit today assuaged the feelings of the organisers who had also been forced to dismantle one of the two daises put up along Club Road here to hold events to celebrate the day. [The Telegraph India]

There, in the same place where the twenty-foot-tall Le Tricorne once hung, placed on eight daises, were eight Birkin Bags, the pricy Hermès arm weights illuminated as if they were art. [The Observer]

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