What Is a Dais? – Meaning & Pronunciation

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Is it a dais or dias? How do you say it correctly? What does the word even mean? A dais is a piece of furniture used for public speaking, like a podium. But it has some confusion, so I’ll take a moment in this guide to explain everything you should know.

What Is the Meaning of Dais?

What Is a Dais Meaning Pronunciation

Simply put, a dais is just a raised platform or a small stage we typically use for public speakers to stand at or for honor seating. You’ll usually find it at the front of a room or hall where the event takes place, and it is even sometimes decorated with fancy things.

What Is a Dais Used For?

We use them for important events or special occasions, like speeches, awards ceremonies, or weddings. It creates a prominent location for the speaker or guests of honor and makes them more visible to the audience. You’ll often find a small ledge to place papers and sometimes audio equipment like a microphone and stuff.

Is It Dais or Dias?

The correct spelling you need to use is “dais,” but I’ve seen some people mistakenly spell it as “dias,” which isn’t right. Dais comes from an old French word deis, a table or platform. I’m unsure why we ever bothered to tweak the spelling when adapting it for English, but here we are.

What Is the Plural of Dais?

The plural of dais is “daises,” not to be confused with the word daisies.

How to Pronounce Dais

When saying “dais,” you should pronounce it like day-iss. Put an emphasis on the first syllable.

Sentence Examples Using the Word Dais

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  • We sat and watched as the speaker stood on the dais to address the audience at the event held for Memorial Day.
  • The newlywed sat on the dais during the entire reception and didn’t come down to interact with their guests at all.
  • The bridesmaid was so drunk at their wedding that she knocked over the dais and fell off the stage.
  • It was so cool to do a tour of the castle and see a stone dais in a medieval hall.
  • My son’s honor roll awards ceremony took place on a grand dais at the front of the entire school.
  • The dais felt so high up in the pillared hall as I took my place to give my first speech to the group. I was so nervous.
  • We were so proud to watch our daughter take the dais and address her art club while talking about animating.
  • After years in debate club, I’m no stranger to what a dais is. I stood at one almost every day.

Final Words

So now you know the true meaning of the word dais and how to pronounce it. Don’t be afraid to use the old French word, and just keep in mind that it describes a podium or platform for public speaking.