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Mind your own beeswax means stay out of of my affairs, stop being nosy. Mind your own beeswax is a slang rendition of the phrase mind your own business. There is a popular theory that mind your own beeswax started as a retort in the 1700s. As the story goes, women covered their pockmarks with beeswax in the 1700s, which would often run off their faces when they got too near the fire. This story is untrue. In fact, the first known rendering of the term mind your own beeswax is in a children’s book published in 1929. In the 1930s, mind your own beeswax became a popular way to say mind your own business in a sassy fashion.


I couldn’t help feeling they would best be answered with: “Mind your own beeswax.” (The Financial Times)

I can’t imagine my idea for a “Military action is sometimes necessary, mind your own beeswax, don’t spend stupidly, support civil society and to thine own self be true” party would get very far. (The Huffington Post)

And the best news is that if you mind your own beeswax, the bees won’t bother you. (The Winnipeg Free Press)

“It’s not something we’ve ever discussed,” she says, clearly wanting (but far too well-mannered) to deliver the Helen Mirren retort, “Mind your own beeswax.” (The Telegraph)

If you marched over to your neighbor and told him he was spending more than was substantially needed, at minimum, he’d tell you to mind your own beeswax. (Forbes Magazine)

So in future dear public, mind your own beeswax when you are in a crowded restaurant or you might just have the Game of Thrones (and other book adaptations) ruined for you, some of us still read you know. (The Australian)

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