By the way and BTW

By the way is a phrase that has been in use for an extremely long time, and is still commonly used. The abbreviation BTW is also quite common. We will examine the meaning of the term by the way, its abbreviation, and look at some examples of its use in sentences.

By the way is a phrase that is used to signify the addition of incidental information which may clarify the topic of discussion, or it may only tangentially relate to the topic of discussion. By the way is usually a phrase that is used to identify an aside, often one that is interesting but not important to the topic being discussed. The expression by the way has been in use since the ninth century, though originally it was used in a literal sense to mean along the roadside. By the sixteenth century, the phrase by the way came to have its figurative meaning of information that is incidental.

BTW is an initialism for by the way. An initialism is an abbreviation that is formed by taking the initial letters of the words in a phrase and creating a new word that is pronounced by speaking each letter separately. BTW has been used informally for some time, though the advent of texts and online writing has caused initialisms such as BTW to gain popularity.


By the way, the Ryan Coogler film’s 14-day total is third on the all-time list, behind only The Force Awakens ($652m), The Last Jedi ($465m) and Jurassic World ($446m). (Forbes Magazine)

Good enough to be beloved around these parts and good enough to be romanticized more than 40 years later, which, by the way, is not something this generation of Blueshirts should anticipate. (The New York Post)

Around 6:30 a.m. this morning I received this text from Laura: “Btw, check inside any hot hair tools you have before u heat them up.” (The Green Bay Press Gazette)