A kaleidoscope is a device made up of a tube, mirrors and colored bits of glass, paper or plastic that reflects beautiful patterns when rotated. Kaleidoscope is also used in a figurative sense to mean an ever-changed sequence of elements or events. The kaleidoscope was invented by David Brewster in 1817, he named his invention using the  Greek word kalos, which means beautiful, and the Greek word eidos, meaning shape.


Not anymore though, since life is a kaleidoscope of shifting perspectives. (The Hindustan Times)

Rather, the medieval imagination was a kaleidoscope of bright colour, intense curiosity, invention and wit. (The Telegraph)

Like peering through a kaleidoscope, the race for a playoff spot in the Metropolitan Division — and the Eastern Conference — keeps shifting and re-arranging itself. (Newsday)

Snakes, birds and flowers took center stage among a kaleidoscope of motifs at Gucci’s womenswear show, with designer Alessandro Michele transforming clothes into “psycho-geographic maps” for the Italian fashion house’s spring/summer 2016 line. (Reuters)

“A Kaleidoscope of Music” kicked off the 95th Season of the Western Springs Music Club. (The Chicago Tribune)

But it took a take-over of England’s national stadium to a pulsating Bhangra beat and a kaleidoscope of saris to show the true dynamism of Anglo-Indian relations – and the populist talents of its most powerful politician. (The Independent)

The Earth’s seafloor is far more diverse than previously thought, with the first digital map of the planet’s deep sea geological seascape revealing a kaleidoscope of diversity. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Visitors to this year’s Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival are to be welcomed by an 11-meter-tall kaleidoscope, the city’s Tourism Bureau said. (The Taipei Times)

One, indubitably, would have to be more than colour-blind to not see the kaleidoscope of buzz unfolding for his transgender turn in the Tom Hooper-directed film. (The Globe and Mail)

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