Weigh In – Meaning and Sentence Examples

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The idiom weigh in means to contribute your viewpoint or opinion to a discussion. And no, it doesn’t necessarily involve stepping on a scale unless it’s the scale of public opinion. If you’ve been in a conversation where you couldn’t resist adding your two cents, you’ve weighed in!

Idioms like weigh in are common sayings with no literal intent. They can transform bland sentences into captivating tales. But they need to be used correctly and in the right contexts. So, keep reading to beef up your understanding of the idiom weigh in with its deeper meaning, origin story, and a few sentence examples.

Weigh In Meaning

Weigh In – Meaning and Sentence Examples

As an idiom, weigh in means to provide an opinion or participate in a discussion. We use a literal meaning, which describes checking the weight of someone or something, especially in sports like boxing. But the idiomatic use describes jumping into a conversation with your own perspective.

The Origin and Etymology Behind ‘Weigh In’

Weigh In Ngram
Weigh in usage trend.

The phrase “weigh in” can be traced to the boxing ring. In the sport of boxing, there are certain weight requirements for divisions. Before a fight, fighters must weigh in (weigh themselves) by stepping on a scale for everyone to see.

This is to confirm they’re in the suitable weight class and are paired fairly with a competitor. It didn’t take long for the literal act of weighing in to broaden to mean entering into any discussion, like a boxer stepping into the ring.

Weigh In Synonyms

  • Chime in
  • Give one’s two cents
  • Input
  • Share an opinion
  • Offer insight

Sentence Examples Using the Idiom ‘Weigh In’

Weigh In – Meaning and Sentence Examples 1

  • “I’d like to weigh in on the branding topic,” said the intern.
  • Before finalizing our big family trip itinerary, can I weigh in with a few places to visit?
  • While I’m no expert, if I might weigh in, I think the colors are too bright.
  • Everyone weighed in on her doomed marriage, creating even more confusion for the woman.
  • She hesitates to weigh in, preferring to stand back and listen.
  • We’re weighing in on the matter tomorrow, so I’ll send updates while you’re away.
  • After listening to the instructions for hours, John finally weighed in with his thoughts.
  • I’m eager to weigh in on this! I’ve done much research that could help make this work much better.
  • Although reluctant, when she did weigh in, her input changed the scope of the entire project for the better.
  • Weighing in isn’t always about agreeing; sometimes, it’s about challenging the status quo.

Let’s ‘Weigh In’ on This Idiom

“Weigh in” is an idiom that works whether you’re metaphorically stepping onto the scales of discussion or weighing in before a big match. How will you use it in your conversations? Have a look at our other idiom guides and weigh in on them!