My Cup Runneth Over – Meaning, Origin and Examples

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My cup runneth over means that someone feels a great deal of gratitude or is overwhelmed by blessings and good fortune. This idiom paints a vivid picture of a cup overflowing, symbolizing a life filled with more than one could ask for.

The origin of this phrase digs deep, with branches reaching back to biblical times. Idioms like my cup runneth over are colorful sayings we use that hold no literal meanings, just figurative ones. But they’re only effective if you know how to utilize them in the right context.

So, this article is a quick crash course on this expression’s meaning and origin and shares a few sentence examples showing how to use it.

My Cup Runneth Over Meaning

My Cup Runneth Over – Meaning Origin and Examples 1

The idiom my cup runneth over is meant to convey overwhelming gratitude, blessings, and joy. It’s the verbal imagery of a cup so full that it spills over, signifying a life teeming with more happiness and prosperity than one could have imagined.

If you ever feel this way in life, you’re lucky. Don’t take the abundance of joy for granted because not everyone gets to experience it. I had a moment last year where this idiom would have been perfect. I was second-guessing the direction I wanted to go with my author career.

But during an author appearance in Halifax, I was reminded of why I write books. Hundreds of readers showed up to meet me and get their books signed, and I was teeming with gratitude the entire weekend.

Can You Say My Cup Overfloweth?

My Cup Runneth Over vs. My Cup Overfloweth Ngram
My cup runneth over or my cup overfloweth usage trend.

Absolutely! Overfloweth and runneth over can be used interchangeably. Both are poetic and archaic ways of saying overflows; each carries the same sense of abundance and blessing. With that being said, my cup overfloweth isn’t as common as its main alternative.

My Cup Runneth Over Origin and Etymology

Like a lot of our idioms, the origin of my cup runneth over can be found in the Bible, specifically in Psalm 23 in the King James Version, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” This Psalm of David uses the phrase to acknowledge God’s abundant blessings.

My Cup Runneth Over Synonyms

  • Bursting with gratitude
  • Overflowing with blessings
  • More than I could ask for
  • Swimming in good fortune
  • Bubbling with joy

Examples of My Cup Runneth Over in a Sentence

My Cup Runneth Over – Meaning Origin and Examples

  • After the birth of my twin daughters, I truly felt my cup runneth over.
  • On our golden anniversary, my heart felt like my cup runneth over as my husband serenaded me with the first song we ever danced to.
  • “Seeing the community come together like this and achieve the unachievable, my cup runneth over,” the mayor remarked.
  • Every time I witness a sunset outside my back door, I’m reminded that my cup runneth over with nature’s beauty.
  • I’ve been blessed with so many publishing opportunities this year; indeed, my cup runneth over.
  • “My cup runneth over with gratitude for all you’ve done,” she whispered tearfully.
  • After reading the heartwarming comments on my book, I felt that my cup runneth over.

Overflowing With Insight

My cup runneth over encapsulates the human spirit’s ability to recognize and cherish the blessings that fill our lives. This ancient, biblical idiom remains in use, reminding us of the ageless beauty of the English language. Slide on over to our site and look for more of my idiom guides!