Money Is No Object – Meaning and Origin

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Money is no object means that cost isn’t a concern and someone’s willing to pay whatever is necessary to get what they want. It’s an idiom that came about in 19th-century England, where, let’s be honest, a lot of people acted as if money was no object.

Idioms are phrases where the words together have a different meaning than their individual definitions. They provide a way for us to communicate complex ideas in a simpler, more relatable way, much like a well-placed emoji. But it’s all about context and correct wordage. So hang tight while I explain the true meaning and proper usage of the phrase money is no object with some sentence examples.

What Is the Meaning of Money Is No Object?

Money Is No Object – Meaning and Origin

This idiom is the lexical embodiment of opulence. Saying money is no object means that you’re not concerned about the high cost of something; you want it, and you’ll get it, financial considerations be damned.

It’s like saying, “I want a hidden library built into the walls of my home, and I don’t care what it costs!” Money is literally no object in the thought process; you never stop and think it’s too expensive or that you don’t have enough money.

Money Is No Object Origin and Etymology

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The phrase “money is no object” came about during the mid-1700s when royals really ruled the world and the upper class lived lives of luxury and abundance. The term object is used here to represent anything tangible or obtainable.

Over the years, it caught on because, well, who doesn’t like flaunting their lack of budgetary constraints? I know I’m waving those dollar bills every time I enter a bookstore! The phrase has lived on, no doubt fueled by dreamers and shopaholics alike.

Synonyms for Money Is No Object

Don’t make yourself sound like a broken record. Use these alternatives to money is no object instead!

  • Cost is no concern
  • Spare no expense
  • Price is not an issue
  • Sky’s the limit
  • Open checkbook

Using Money Is No Object: Examples in a Sentence

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Here’s how to use money is no object in a few different ways, whether you’re speaking hypothetically or you’ve just won the lottery.

  • If money is no object, I’d buy a private island somewhere and build a giant library.
  • She chose the wedding venue as if money were no object but blew most of the budget.
  • “For you, darling, money is no object,” he proclaimed lovingly.
  • I wish money was no object; then I’d travel the world and see everything there is to see.
  • He renovated the house like money was no object, but it paid off because now it’s worth millions.
  • In Dan’s world, money is no object, so he buys whatever he wants.
  • Do you think money is no object for her?
  • Money is no object when it comes to my children’s happiness and education.
  • Let’s fantasize that money is no object and make a dream wishlist.

What Would You Buy?

If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy? For me, a home library! But, alas, money is usually an object in most of our decision-making. But at least these idiom guides are totally free! Check out my other articles and fill that brain of yours!