Keep Me Posted – Origin and Meaning

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I always thought that the phrase “keep me posted” had some deeper meaning and origin, but it turns out that its definition is fairly surface-level. So, I’ll explain where the phrase came from and show you how to use it in a sentence!

The Meaning of the Phrase Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted Origin Meaning

“Keep me posted” is a pretty common idiom in the English language. It means regularly updating someone on a particular situation or information.

When you ask someone to “keep you posted,” you’re asking them to maintain any communication necessary to the task or project and give you some timely updates when new details become available or as circumstances change. Basically, it’s like saying, “Keep me updated.”

Keep Me Posted Origin

There’s actually no real date or point in our past to attribute to the creation of this phrase. But I know it comes from a time when we used to nail or pin paper with essential things to posts usually found in the town square.

It was a way to keep everyone informed and updated around town, and you could change the paper as needed when details changed. Hence, keep me posted. Cool, right?

Is “I Will Keep You Posted” Formal or Informal?

Actually, you can use the phrase “I will keep you posted” in both formal and informal situations. It does lean more towards informal communication, but it’s honestly acceptable to use how you like. I utilize the phrase in work emails, social media posts and more.

If you’re concerned about sounding uber-professional, you can use alternative phrases like “I will keep you informed” or “I will provide updates.”

But in the end, the choice between using “I will keep you posted” or an alternative phrase depends on your own preferences.

Other Ways to Say Keep Me Posted

As I said, there are plenty of other ways to get the same message across, so pick any of these synonyms for “keep me posted.”

  • Keep me informed
  • Keep me updated
  • Let me know about any changes
  • Keep me in the loop
  • Update me as things progress

Keep Me Posted Examples in a Sentence

Keep Me Posted Origin Meaning 1
  • Please keep me posted on the progress of the publishing project so I know if any adjustments need to be made to the manuscript.
  • I’m eager to hear about how your job interview goes, Dan. Keep me posted!
  • Michelle asked her colleagues to keep her posted about any updates regarding the upcoming work conference across the country.
  • If you hear anything new about the situation on the release date, please keep me posted.
  • As soon as we receive more information about your shipment of books, we will keep you posted.

I’ll Keep You Posted!

So, the next time you want to be kept in the loop about anything, just tell someone to keep you posted! It’s as simple as that, really. As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, it’s an idiom with a pretty straightforward meaning that’s been held up over the years.