Hot to Trot – Origin and Meaning

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Some people think idioms are either fun and easy or difficult and confusing. There’s no real in-between. That’s why I think it’s essential to learn as much as you can in regard to the story behind the meaning of popular idioms, like “hot to trot,” for example.

It’s an expression you’ve probably heard once or twice, but what does it mean? I’ll explain all the details right here and show you how to put it in a sentence.

The Meaning of Hot to Trot

Hot to Trot Origin Meaning 1

Have you ever met someone who seemed super eager or excited about something? Maybe they were overly ready to engage in something? Well, then, they were hot to trot!

You can use this common expression to describe anyone or yourself when there’s a palpable enthusiasm to start a project or do a job, attend an event, or even someone who’s very obviously promiscuous.

Origin of the Phrase Hot to Trot

It began as a common phrase people used to talk about someone who was more than ready for sex. It began in the early 1900s and derived from American jive talk, drawing from the idea of a horse eager to get going.

In the 1970s, it seeped into the world of disco dancing and was used to emphasize someone eager and excited to get on the dance floor. In the years since, we’ve adapted it to work in pretty much any context where someone’s excited.

Hot to Trot Synonyms

Hot to trot can usually have a sexual connotation and might not work in a more casual setting, so try some of these other ways to get the meaning across.

  • An eager beaver
  • Raring to go
  • Champing at the bit
  • Keen as mustard
  • Ready and willing
  • Keener

Hot to Trot Examples in a Sentence

Hot to Trot Origin Meaning
  • After spending many painful months preparing for the marathon, Jane was finally hot to trot and couldn’t wait for the race to start.
  • Jack was so excited about his new job at the game studio that he was hot to trot and wanted to start working on new games right away.
  • Sarah, all dressed up for her night out with her girlfriends, was hot to trot and eager to hit the dance floor.
  • My husband is always hot to trot for our daily jogs through the park when the sun is out.
  • The soccer team was definitely hot to trot after their coach’s heartfelt motivational speech, and they were ready to give it 100% on the field.
  • With my new book out, and a wave of readers waiting to meet me, I was hot to trot as I entered the author convention.

Hot to Trot for Grammar!

When you understand the origins and meanings behind certain words or phrases like this, you broaden your vocabulary and expand your overall knowledge. So, spend some time reading and learning how you can use phrases like hot to trot in any way you can!