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Hot to trot is an idiom that is decades old. We will examine the meaning of the common idiom hot to trot where it came from, and some examples of its idiomatic usage in sentences.

Hot to trot describes someone who is eager to do something. Most often, the idiom hot to trot describes someone who is eager to have sex. The expression hot to trot came into use in the mid-20th century from Black American jive talk; it refers to a horse that is eager to break out of the starting gate during a race. Though it is increasingly used to simply mean eager to do something, many consider hot to trot a lascivious slang term, so be careful in deciding when and how you use it.


Kelly Brook looked hot to trot in a barely-there dress as she raised temperatures in her latest sexy calendar. (The Mirror)

Most documented signals exchanged between male and female birds center on hot-to-trot bachelors flashing their most appealing traits, such as dazzling plumage or nest-building prowess, to coax lady birds into having sex with them. (The Atlantic)

By contrast, it’s clear from Treasury secretary Dr Stephen Kennedy’s big speech last week that he’s hot to trot with a new round of economic-rationalist inspired micro reform. (Sydney Morning Herald)

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