Last Laugh – Idiom, Meaning and Sentence Examples

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To have the last laugh means emerging victorious or proving naysayers wrong after facing doubts or challenges. Picture the tortoise from the fabled race against the hare: slow and steady, but in the end, he definitely had the last laugh.

Idioms, like this one, are phrases where the collective meaning is different from the literal interpretation of the words themselves. They help us express ideas and emotions with our words but in a fun way that anyone can relate to. However, to fully appreciate and use them effectively, it’s crucial to understand their origins and contexts.

Dive deeper with me to unravel the history of this saying and witness its flair in sentences. Before you know it, you’ll be weaving this idiom seamlessly into your daily chats!

The Meaning of the Last Laugh

Last Laugh – Idiom Meaning and Sentence Examples

The idiom last laugh encapsulates the idea of triumph after some difficulties or mockery. You might not be the first to laugh, but you’ll be the one laughing last—and probably the loudest—because you’ve proved the naysayers wrong. It could be applied to a variety of life’s theaters: career, love, sports—you name it!

Origin and Etymology of the Last Laugh Saying

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The idea of having the last laugh isn’t new. You’ll even find it in ancient literature, including the Bible. An older version of it is in the form of a proverb and states, “He who laughs last, laughs the longest.” Over the centuries, it’s found its way into countless stories, parables, and everyday life to express the notion of ultimate vindication or triumph when others think you’re incompetent.

Synonyms for ‘Last Laugh’

  • Sweet revenge
  • Ultimate triumph
  • Final say
  • Proving them wrong
  • Turned the tables

Using ‘to Have the Last Laugh’ in a Sentence

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  • Everyone laughed at Ted’s weird invention, but he had the last laugh when he became a millionaire from it.
  • Diane had the last laugh when she got promoted over her critics at work.
  • They doubted his skills, but my son got the last laugh by winning the championship.
  • I had the last laugh when my indie film won an award.
  • The politician had the last laugh when he won despite all the negative press surrounding him.
  • The unlikely startup had the last laugh after securing a high-profile investment.
  • She’ll have the last laugh when her novel becomes a bestseller.
  • The artist had the last laugh when his paintings, once ridiculed, skyrocketed in value.
  • Critics wrote him off as a one-hit-wonder, but he had the last laugh with his twenty-year-long career.

Keep Chuckling to the End

Last laugh is the perfect phrase for those moments when you’re quietly confident that you’ll emerge victorious despite the chuckles or raised eyebrows people throw at you. So go on, let them laugh—you’ll get your moment to snicker last, and it’ll sound like sweet, sweet music. If you’re ready to learn more, you can brush up on more cool idioms like this one right on our site!