Foregone Conclusion – Idiom, Meaning & Origin

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Dramatic drumroll, please! Today, I’m laying out all the details of the phrase foregone conclusion. Is it an idiom? What does it mean? And where on Earth did it come from? Buckle up as I break down this captivating term, sharing some synonyms and a medley of sentence examples. Let’s make this guide a foregone conclusion!

Is Foregone Conclusion an Idiom?

Foregone Conclusion – Idiom Meaning Origin

It definitely is! A foregone conclusion is a thrilling idiom that adds a sprinkle of suspense to your conversations. Get ready to have your readers and listeners on the edge of their seats!

What Does a Foregone Conclusion Mean?

A foregone conclusion is like an outcome that’s seen as inevitable or has been predetermined. It’s usually used in situations that are unfair with no hope of turning out any other way.

When you already know the result of a situation or event, that’s a foregone conclusion. Spoiler alert — it’s like knowing the end of a movie before you’ve even pressed play!

Foregone Conclusion Origin and Etymology

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This expression a foregone conclusion was made popular by none other than the master wordsmith himself, William Shakespeare, in his tragic play “Othello” in the 1600s. The phrase has stood the test of time, enduring for more than 400 years. Bravo, Mr. Shakespeare!

Synonyms for a Foregone Conclusion

Want to mix it up a little? Here are some interchangeable terms you can use instead of a foregone conclusion.

  • Inevitable outcome
  • Predetermined result
  • Sure thing
  • Certainty
  • Done deal
  • Open-and-shut case
  • Matter of course
  • Predetermined issue
  • Foreordained conclusion
  • Settled matter

Using a Foregone Conclusion Idiom in a Sentence

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I always say that context is everything. Full sentences using certain words and phrases can help solidify your understanding of them. So, here are a few to take a look at using a foregone conclusion in various ways.

  • It’s a foregone conclusion that the champion soccer team will win again this year.
  • Considering her qualifications and experience, her getting the job was obviously a foregone conclusion.
  • When they took a 3-0 lead, everyone knew the game’s outcome was a foregone conclusion.
  • It was a foregone conclusion that the long-awaited sequel wouldn’t live up to the original movie.
  • As the best student in class, getting the scholarship was a foregone conclusion for Jack.
  • With their exceptional track record, their success was a foregone conclusion.
  • It’s a foregone conclusion that the price will go up.
  • His promotion to a higher position was a foregone conclusion.
  • After such a weak defense, his conviction was a foregone conclusion.
  • Given his poor diet, my dad’s health problems were a foregone conclusion.

The Foregone Conclusion: You’re a Language Pro!

You should be all set to weave this dramatic idiom into your conversations and writing. With a foregone conclusion in your vocab toolkit, you’re sure to keep your audience captivated.

Now go forth, and make a riveting impact with your newfound knowledge; ’tis a foregone conclusion that you’re a language whizz! Be sure to stock up on your idiom knowledge with all my other quick guides!