Forbidden Fruit – Idiom, Meaning & Examples

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Did you know that the phrase forbidden fruit originates all the way back to biblical times, and it’s still so commonly used today? It has a ton of different contexts and ways you can use it, but what does it truly mean? I’ll explain the definition and give you some good examples of how to use the idiom in a sentence.

What Does Forbidden Fruit Mean?

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Have you ever looked at something you couldn’t have and found yourself unable to resist? That’s forbidden fruit. The ancient phrase refers to something that’s really enticing or unbearably desirable because it’s prohibited or not allowed.

We often use the expression to describe something that’s beyond tempting or attractive but just isn’t attainable or forbidden for some reason. Things like an affair, breaking the rules, stealing money, or even something as simple as junk food when you’re on a diet.

Forbidden Fruit as a Proverb

The term actually originates from the biblical story we all know of Adam and Eve, where they were forbidden by God to eat from the Tree of Knowledge that was in the Garden of Eden. Eve, however, was apparently tempted by the serpent to eat the apple, so both she and Adam were cast out of the garden.

Is Forbidden Fruit an Idiom?

You got it. The common phrase forbidden fruit is actually an idiom and can be sued to describe just about anything, anyone, or any situation that’s out of reach or off-limits.

Forbidden Fruit Examples in Sentences

  • Gambling is a forbidden fruit, which proved to be too much for him, so he lost all his savings.
  • The idea of breaking the rules and eating the forbidden fruit was just too tempting for Eve.
  • For her, the forbidden fruit of adventure was just too alluring to resist, so she embarked on a journey across the globe.
  • I know I’m on a strict diet, but the forbidden fruit of salty chips in the cupboard is haunting me.
  • I used to charge my friends $20 to do their homework in high school; they just couldn’t resist the forbidden fruit of cheating.
  • My husband couldn’t resist the temptation of the forbidden fruit, even though he knew it would lead to trouble. Eventually, his cheating caught up with him, and our marriage ended in divorce.
  • The sad truth of today’s society is that the forbidden fruit of a secret affair is often more alluring than a healthy, committed relationship.
  • My daughter’s curiosity got the best of her, and she took a bite of the forbidden fruit–the cake I had prepared in the fridge.
  • The forbidden fruit of power can be a dangerous and addictive thing for anyone, not just those who have villainous tendencies.

Even the usual easy bait has now become forbidden fruit that refuses to give you the juicy validation you crave. (The Cavalier Daily)

Resist the Forbidden Fruit!

It just goes to show how effective a good idiom can be when it dates all the way back to biblical times. Forbidden fruit can be used to describe just about anything that you’re not supposed to have, making it a really versatile saying. Play around and have fun using this idiom!