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To face the music means to accept consequences, to own up to the responsibility created by one’s actions. Face the music is an American idiom, it seems to have originated in the New England area in the 1830s. The inspiration for this phrase is unknown. One thought is that face the music was originally an exhortation to face one’s stage fright. Another possible origin is the United States’ military. During the ceremony when a disgraced soldier was ejected from the army  a certain drum cadence was played, in essence that soldier would be facing the music. Face the music may also have started out as a reference to a soldier going into battle and facing the “music” of the opposing army’s guns.


Brick kilns: Pay workers notified wages or face the music, says DCO (The Express Tribune)

And Kylie Jenner was preparing to face the music and the wrath of her brother-in-law Kanye West – who said he was ‘a little bit mad’ about her Puma deal – when she landed back in Los Angeles from New York on Wednesday. (The Daily Mail)

Those guilty of corruption must face the music – Catholic Bishops tell Buhari (The Daily Post Nigeria)

Repeat Offenders: According to Martin, about five guys are responsible for 85 to 90 percent of all graffiti in Santa Cruz County. “These guys really need to face the music and deal with the consequences of their actions.” (The Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Bravos to four of the five Schuylerville Village Board members who faced the music in a meeting with residents to discuss the details for the proposed zoning code. (The Glen Falls Post Star)

New Orleans bounce music queen Big Freedia is facing the music in a mature fashion as she takes “full responsibility” for stealing money from the government. (The Louisiana Weekly)

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